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That's a bugfix for the SMS incorrect recipient issue.

long_b Registered User

In fairness, for Nexus One owners, the whole Gingerbread build up has been WAY too long and badly managed PR-wise IMHO.

OK I can see how Google wanted to build hype about the Nexus S but it's been lousy for us.

zod Registered User

has to be in feb ?

SoulRock Registered User

Reason i have this phone is that i wanted the 'Pure' Android Experience and was led to believe that OS updates would come to this handset first or pretty close to Release.. the only reason i can see for the delay is Google are having Problems with the update.. bugs etc.. the lack of communication from Google in this matter is dreadfull their customer support is Sh!te... coming in a few weeks since November is just Ridiculous.. selling my Nexus one in next week or two but wont be getting the Nexus S the Nexus one when it came out had the WoW factor the Nexus S just simply is not that much of a leap forward.. Bad move Google choosing samsung as your Device Manufacturer..

Ample Free ...? Registered User

Android Police
Mobile Crunch reports that multiple sources, including Googlers on location at MWC in Barcelona, claim the 2.3 OTA is coming to our precious N1s by the week’s end or early next week at the latest.

I love how it's sounds so certain up until it says "or early next week at the latest". Which could easily turn into "next few weeks" again. Pretty much implies it'll be out whenever Google decide to get the finger out??

BeardyFunzo Registered User

If you believe the inquirer:

SMARTPHONE DEVELOPER Google has announced that it will be sending Nexus One and Nexus S owners Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.
Google had been promising Nexus One owners Android 2.3 Gingerbread for months but with every passing week it's been pushing back the update, so 'in a few weeks' has started to carry less weight. Now it seems both Nexus One and Nexus S users will be getting Android 2.3.3, with Google saying that it will release over-the-air updates over the coming weeks.
For Nexus One owners the update will be the first taste of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Last week popular third-party Android distribution Cyanogenmod released a beta that ran Android 2.3.1 on a number of handsets including the Nexus One. While Cyanogenmod 7 is still very much in beta, Google's decision to keep version parity between Nexus One and Nexus S users should mean that developers can continue to use either device for development work.
Last week Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that the next version of Android for smartphones will be Android 2.4, codenamed Ice Cream, which Viewsonic claims its upcoming Viewpad 4 will be running when it tips up in April. For those who haven't got Android 2.3 yet, there is hope that device manufacturers might bump to Android 2.4, thus skipping Android 2.3 altogether.
Google warned that the over-the-air update process might take weeks to complete. At least Nexus One and Nexus S owners have a timeline, while for the majority of Android users there is little to no information on when their device will be upgraded to Android 2.3. µ

zing Registered User

Not going getting my hopes up. Seen too many similar stories so far

srsly78 Registered User

Why are you all so excited? The only practical thing you will notice from 2.3 is a glow effect when you hit top/bottom of scrollbar. It has many under-the-hood things that allow developers to do stuff, but nothing for normal users.

It will take a few months for developers to use these new features and release new toys for you to play with, there is basically no advantage for you right now. You are NOT missing anything.

Andrew76 Moderator

Just got the Gingerbread OTA update message now, 43.6MB. Says it will upgrade to 2.3.3.

Damo2k Registered User
srsly78 Registered User

Eh no it hasn't? There is a glow effect on slider, that's all I have noticed.

Damo2k Registered User

Looks more slick than the 2.2.2 in my opinion.

srsly78 Registered User

Don't be vague, say exactly what is different. I can only see the small glowy effect, nothing else has changed. As stated before, the major features are new developer features, not something you will notice until people release apps that take advantage.

Damo2k Registered User

-Bar at top there your network, battery icons are black now, the icons are also changed, look similar to those on sense.
-Notification drop down menu is no longer white
-browser/phone icons are coloured on bottom beside menu icon
-pressing power button shows screen switching off like old tv
-keyboard looks to be completely re-done
-menu's in general are darker, controls like radio buttons, tick boxes, progress spinners changed. looks more sharper.
-battery usage shows graphs
-copy and paste functionality is more user friendly

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