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Hi to the guy who eve mailed me. Just so ye all know I run lvl 4s in and around Balginia so if anybody wants to up their stats with brutor tribe mim your welcome in the fleet. Don't have to join the Corp, just join the party

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Hey killer here,

I recently got talking to a few irish guys on the irish channel again- and although it was really nice talking to the old faces- i kinda felt that i got known as 'that guy who tried to start an irish allaince and failed'

I just want to say that i realized very quickly why i couldn't go on with my plan because of a few reasons,

I had
(1) no experience of even basic eve areas such as pvp, fc'ing and mission running.
(2) no capital and few contacts to even start thinking about building a large alliance
(3) no null sec experience.

I have now conquered 1+2 reasons- i have made a couple of billion in assets and isk wise and have fc'd and pvp'd large(ish) fleets 40+ and have got to know a lot of peeps in different areas in the game.

I want to stress that i still have that plan of starting up an alliance that flies the irish colours but i reckon i'll need another 6 months at least.
In the meatime i'm hoping to do a lot of work in null and gain further p
vp experience (especially in null)

I hope that many of you will forgive my late apology of my abandoning my plan (i have been playing eve all the time since) and in the future i do hope to set up an alliance with irish colours that owns a region in null (preferably not as pets) but i'm thinking another 6 months at least.

thanks guys

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Loads of people have done the exact same thing over the years to be honest. Running a successful corp requires good knowledge of gameplay, charisma, the ability of FC and lots of your time.

Your new project won't success either because

a) there aren't enough Irish players to make an active alliance
b) the Irish players that are around aren't gonna leave their corp and their friends and join yours just because it's 'an irish corp'
c) you're clearly a noob

Good day.

boars Registered User

thank you

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Gneez said:
War deccing you right now I hate micks


Gneez Registered User

boars said:

thank you

every word I said was true

White Tree said:

teehee you so edgy

White Tree Registered User

Gneez said:

teehee you so edgy

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I honestly don't see why an exclusively or even majority Irish corp or alliance would be a good thing. One of the main reasons why certain nationality's band together in this form is the language barrier.

Also it will never happen for the reasons already posted. Except the point about you being a noob, even if you were an EVE God, like Coranor, this would fall flat on it's ass.

Komsomolitz Registered User

Aye unfortunatly the current irish player base are more than likely loyal to their current corps/alliances as they've invested too much time in them and such ties are hard to break.

So you'll likely only get new players or alts of current players.

Or... lots of "irish" americans.

Wish you luck though, i love the idea.

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