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We moved to Glasnevin 2 years and have a 6 month old son. I was wondering if anybody is familiar with Sacred heart BNS on Canice's road or the secondary school St. Kevin's College in Ballygall? These are the closest schools to us and would be very handy but are they any good? Our Lady of Victories is our Parish school but I have heard some people say it might be a bit rough. Is this true?

If anybody knows anything about these schools or others in the Glasnevin area I'd really appreciate any info.!!!

Thanks a lot!

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Hi there We're a relatively quiet forum on boards, and the likeliness of any one reading your thread being from that area may be small. By advice would be to get out and about the community and ask people what they think, your neighbours would be a good start. You should also take a look at the school's website and maybe call into the school itself and see can you have a chat with the principal

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Will do! Thanks for reply!

Toto Wolfcastle Up and at them

You could also try asking in the Dublin City forum.

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Hello I'm 15 at the moment and I have went to sacred heart and I am currently in St. Kevin's both schools are nice and teachers were good too. I don't know were you heard it was rough from but I can guarantee it is not. I hope u see this before your son enters school.

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