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Hi I am looking for some Piano/Organ lessions in the Dungarvan Areas. If you know of someone offering lessons, can you let me know?


squeakyduck Registered User

Hey Flop,

I used to take piano lessons with a woman off the R676 (the main Dungarvan - Carrick-on-suir road) Would that be too far for you or are you looking for lessons within Dungarvan town?

flop Registered User

Hi squeakyduck

I have a car, so travelling 10/15 mins in any direction would be ok.

How far up the Carrick road is she? I used to travel that road all the time, so i know it well.


squeakyduck Registered User

She did live in the big massive white house that used to be a B&B just past Kilclooney wood. But she has since moved out, I think it's just past that house still. I'll find out for definite for you though.

I went to grade two piano with her, and I did voice training with her too, my niece is currently doing piano with her. She is a family friend, and one of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet.

flop Registered User

Sounds great Squeakyduck, let me know how you get on


deisedevil Registered User

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best for piano lessons in Ireland never mind Dungarvan. http://www.musicforkids.ie/index.shtml

She does lessons for all ages too as far as I know.

I went to her for years and she was amazing and has the patience of a saint. I finished all my grades with amazing results and it was all down to the skill of a really good teacher.

Chances are though she's probably well booked up, supposed to be very hard to get lessons with her.

squeakyduck Registered User

flop PM sent last night!

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