BailMeOut Registered User

Moved to Cork area this year from abroad with family so still figuring things out. Where will the best Santa be in town as I need to take my kids into the City to see him in next few weeks. One with a real santa beard would be preferable!


dave1982 Registered User

Best i found is Santa in fota island,unsure if he has real beard or not

dextero Registered User

Fota zoo are doing a santa this year, Id say it will be good. I know one of the girls involved in it and herself and her collegues are putting in a huge effort with it. If you are not a member it is €25 per child - for this the child plus one adult gets into the zoo, the child gets a present and a photo with santa. You have to book it in advance.

i like pie Registered User

the one in blarney is meant to be good too from what I've heard!

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Hogzy Registered User

Blarney by far. I remember going to it 15yrs ago. He arrived by helicopter and i was amazed at it!!!!

I heard on the radio the other day that the helicopter thing is still going.

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Ardennes1944 Registered User

definitely blarney. and the woolen mills shop and area are always decorated really nice. and christy's restaurant in the hotel is a really nice place to eat

tinner777 Registered User

went to blarney 2 years ago and thought it was poor, rushed and rubbish present that wasn't safe for a three year old.

Padraig Mor Registered User

Went to Fota Santa 2 years ago and it was rubbish. €20 per child was taking the piss (and there was no zoo visit included). 'Santa's elves' consisted of bored teenagers ignoring the kids and just talking to each other.

soundsham Registered User

definitely blarney. and the woolen mills shop and area are always decorated really nice. and christy's restaurant in the hotel is a really nice place to eat

used to be the best but not very good the last 2 years

kakee Registered User

Has to be this one. By the way I don't think you will find too many Santas with real beards in Ireland.

Cadyboo Registered User

Blackpool shopping centre santa is free, he is the the middle of the centre on a big chair, and he is lovely. Havent seen him yet this year, but last year had a real beard.

monobrow Registered User

I reckon it's the santa experience at Fota House - it's the old house near Fota Wildlife park. It's about €25 entry for the kid...think adults are free. Check website.They set the old house uo to make kids think Santa lives there and there are maps of the globe laid out. It's all for charity and I know one of the volunteers setting it up this year.

mariebeth Registered User

Just in case anyone is interested, Dan Lowrey's pub on MacCurtain st in the city will be having Santa during the day next Saturday & Sunday for the kids. He'll be there again in the evening (Saturday for definitely) for the adults. Mrs. Claus should be putting in an appearance as well as one of their elves

It's my cousin doing Santa in there so I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets on...he's a fantastic actor so he should hopefully do Santa justice!

It probably won't be as good as the more established places, but it will still be a lot of fun for kids & adults alike.

gramlab Registered User

Fota house - very well put on but has gotten too busy. Went the 1st year and it was very good. The following year as well but it was too crowded and not as enjoyable.

Did Blackrock Observatory last year. Good santa but kids were too young to get the whole observatory thing.

Will try Leahys farm this year. Have been there a few times and enjoyed it so they probably should do a good job of the whole santa thing.

fastrac Registered User

Griffins Garden Centre in Dripsey had a very good set up with Breakfast with Santa on the weekends and a huge Christmas shop. They had live reindeers there a few years ago. Dont know about price or waiting times but you could ring them.

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