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Great news I love BAE

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everdead.ie said:
Great news I love BAE

me and all. tis his Scottish cousin on the other side that worries me

yidweiser Registered User

BAE has the lot.
True professional, cool as a cucumber, quick as lightning and class skills.
Out & out Yid

philon Registered User

Its his cross field balls that have me worried. Everygame he "tries" to do it and Inevitabley f**ks it up !!!!

tippspur Registered User

I was a doubter.

SuprSi Registered User

I'm happy about this. I rate him. He's got his faults, but when he's playing well he's a match for most right sided players.

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markesmith Registered User

He's a good LB but, like Hutton on the right, he can get a bit compacent and sloppy. Good to get him on a long-term contract, but we can get better in - Baines, Bridge, Chivu etc

Shammy Registered User

I'm a doubter

His lack of defensive awareness and silly tackles leads me to believe that he is not a left back for a top 4 club.

However there isnt really much else out there.

2nd Row Donkey Registered User

.. still a doubter although he's starting to grow on me.
He is probably one of the top 5-6 LB in the PL'
There's isn't anything better out there thats better thats in our range.

I still watch him with one eye half closed... he was sloppy today and one of these days its gonna cost us - dearly! Like YP Lee vs Utd a few seasons ago when we were within inches of a result that would have put us 4th with only a game to go.

everdead.ie Registered User

Some tackle against Kuyt today he did brilliant to get the ball

everdead.ie Registered User

58 - Benoit Assou-Ekotto of Tottenham Hotspur has intercepted the ball more often than any other player. Anticipation.

terrymccarthy05 Registered User

My favourite spurs player

everdead.ie Registered User

Benny has consistently impressed again this year he can still loose the rag from time to time but he's so composed on the ball he really is underrated and I was a bit miffed that in the soccer forum they reckoned he was only the 8 best in the league I reckon he's up in third or fourth to be honest. He also gives us a nice bit of grit too

Shakka Registered User

I love his shoulder charges. Nobody does it better than BAE

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