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Does anyone remember the story of the black hand in St. Josephs School Parnell Street Waterford about 1965 - 1968?

I went to school there and we were all scared stiff because the 'imprint of a black hand' was seen moving around the walls by students and teachers in the downstairs toilets and in the cookery room when Sr. Miriam was in there with a class.

Detectives came to the school to investigate and the school was closed for two weeks - I don't know what happened during the two weeks but there was talk about masses being said. I can't remember any more - I was only about 6 or 7 at the time.

We were never allowed speak about it again at school and I never found out what the truth was.

Anybody out there know?

0verblood Banned

It's a scary ghost story you heard when you were young, every town has it's own variation.

When I was growing up in Thurles we head stories about an old ghost woman with long stretchy fingers who would grab you and strangle you then disappear... well I eventually grew up and started using my brain.

If the Gardai investigated it I'm sure it's on file somwhere. Call Garda HQ.

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loved stories like this as a kid

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