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Got sent this last night, opportunity to run off any Christmas excesses:
Date 26th Dec
Kids 500mt dash @ 10:30 - FOC
5km @ 11:00 - €10
Location: Sth Beach Car Pk

details attached

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Excellent, I brought the kids to Wicklow town in 08 on Stephens day for a dash (I wasn't allowed to run the 5k, apparently it was all about the kids), not too sure what happened last year but this sounds ideal for the kids and me see you there

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Here's the course:

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Should be good fun. The Stephen's Day left-over lunch will taste all the better after 5km.

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As a clarification, from the map - the race starts in Greystones at the car park for the Dart.

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Note just in - if a Mod can change the title.

I am writing to you from Kilcoole Athletic Club ( as a follow up to my email 20th December.

Due to the return of the snow this week, and the strong likelihood on snow and ice remaining on Sunday, regrettably the decision has been taken to cancel the Turkey Trot race scheduled for St Stephen's Day for health and safety reasons. Sorry about that.
Hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year,

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