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So you have to pay duty on kerosene even though the duty has already been paid in another member state? Only in Ireland.

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bigneacy said:
is this a bowser?

How do you get the fuel out of it when you get to your tank at home? Does it work on gravity or pump?

How much oil does one of these hold ?


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I might have this all wrong so apologies if that is the case.

I think the reason Kerosene is or can be cheaper in the north is that there is no levy be it duty or vat on home heating oil in N. Ireland.

In the south there is vat and or duty hence the price difference.

Now this only applies to Kerosene AFAIK. The petrol, diesel and agri diesel is cheaper down south.

I think over a year ago there was a primetime piece about northern entrepreneurs legally buying fuel at Dublin Port and then selling it in the north but not paying the duty/vat on it up there and making a nice return on every tanker.

The Bowser from Culloville afaik is a 1000 litre bowser.

It is illegal to bring it back yourself. Nothing illegal with O'Neills selling you the fuel but you take the risk.

The risk imo is minimal but then you have to ask yourself how much do you save on 1000 litre?

I know one or two who have done it and the major negative they had was that it can take a bit of time for the bowser to get fully empty and then of course you must bring it back!

A free bowser with every fill would certainly seal the deal!

The only other bit of info I heard was that in some cases across the border you can/could be sold aviation fuel which is cheaper again but won't burn in a household boiler.

I should stress only probably an issue if buying of a bloke instead of from an actual garage. has both a uk & eire site so very handy to check prices for all types of fuel.

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The Guvnor said:

The risk imo is minimal but then you have to ask yourself how much do you save on 1000 litre?

You will save between €100 and €150 on 1000 litres. Not a bad saving for an afternoons work.

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I agree Tommy but that saving would be on Kerosense only, iirc.

We use agri-diesel.

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E.K fuels Dundalk are going 65c per litre for home heating oil.

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The agri diesel is currently 70c a litre from Dundalk Oil.

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