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Actually Dracula also says:
“Is é do bheatha chun mo thíse. Tar isteach de do dheoin agus le do shaorthoil féin!”

"Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own free will!"

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Insect Overlord said:
That's exactly why I was reluctant to give you a direct, literal (word-for-word) translation of the phrase. Idioms don't often transfer nicely from one language to another. In English, "It's your life" is an awful, passive-aggressive little phrase. In Irish, "Is é do bheatha" is a nice way to welcome somebody or to show your appreciation. As I said above, it's a bit more like "Cheers" or "Here's to you!"

But the interesting thing about idioms, and also why I was curious to know what it literally translates to.. if I use that talking to other people who aren't familiar with it (which could be a lot of irish speakers in my case) isn't there a chance they will also translate it literally and think I am being passive aggressive? Although this is probably beyond the scope of this thread and I don't want to english it up much more

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