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Hey, does anybody know any good shops where you might pick up an old thrift leather jacket? Am not looking for a "biker style" jacket or some trench coat type one, but a small fit vintage type one if you know the type I am on about (short in the arms and sits above the waist). I remember being in a thrift store off grafton street about 2 years back that sold mens leather jackets of this fashion but dunno if it is still open. Anyway I appreciate nay recommendations.


poochierockz Registered User

Hiya, a few places you could try:

Oxfam on Georges Street does some vintage pieces, was in there a few days ago and saw some mens vintage leather jackets.

Harlequin at Castle Market will have a bigger collection but can be pricey.

Wild Child Originals on Drury Street will have some as well and is a bit cheaper than Harlequinn .. they are currently having a buy 3 for the price of 2 sale.

Hope that helps!!

jillington Registered User

Thanks I will check these out this weekend!

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