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Still laughing at Andy Parson's Sandeesh impression

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Gerry Manderer said:
Stuart = David Brent

Dara agrees

fricatus Registered User

I think this is the first week I've seen Bambeesh smile!

And it's really really lovely!

Why couldn't Baggs the Brand have gone?


"you are a LOOSER"

so what your saying is stuart is fired next week then

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fricatus Registered User

Wonder who Lord Siúcra deems to be "a loser" on next week's show?

ferretone Registered User

Apart from the obnoxious Baggs, it could well be Chris Bates - after all he's been on the losing side 5 times, same as Sandeesh had.

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ted1 said:
liz and laura still there two best things on telly.


Stella looked pretty good in tonight's episode too,

Some of her disapproving looks at or because of Stuart were priceless.

DeepBlue Registered User

I can't believe "The Brand" won that task. He must have been coached by the producers to really amp up the prick factor.
Gotta lol at Lord Siúcra for noting that Sandeesh worked "really hard" at all the tasks after saying last week that she did "naff all".

Now that Stuart and Stella are on the same (small) team there should be some fireworks next week. She'll go through him for a shortcut if she's PM.


Laura is still looking mighty fine. I think I love her

That Stuart Lad is a right tool.

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plasticman3327 said:
Surely selling a DVD with someone else's child on it raises some serious privacy concerns!

I know if I had a kid and that happened id be livid.

Guess they were lucky they won!

Is that coz your kid is really ugly?


Lol, I never wanted anyone to be fired as much as Stuart last night. How they won that task with him in charge I'll never know.


orourkeda said:
Laura is still looking mighty fine. I think I love her

No way, Laura does very little. She is more like an personal assistant to the PM every week, taking calls and passing messages. It was Joanna who did the most work on that team

But Stella, ah Stella. I think I'm in love
Stella surely must be the favourite

lol at her scowls at Stuart, she hates him!
Like everyone, I was hoping Stuart would be sacked. Maybe the TV producers know he is TV gold

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