• Mining and discovering new caves (40.74%)
  • Building (55.56%)
  • Exploring the world (3.7%)
dunie001 Registered User

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure that anyone who's clicked onto this thread has probably already played minecraft or you are probably addicted to mining for coal to make torches, and trying to figure out how the bow and arrows work etc.

Well, I decided it would be a good idea to start a thread where people can ask for help from others who play minecraft.

Also, I am looking for a server to play on in multiplayer. I attempted to make a server myself, but frankly i've no idea what i was doing so i gave up!

So, let's get started...if you're having a hard time crafting things in minecraft then minepedia is a good place to look for recipies etc..


Interesting things I've managed to make/do so far (i've spent hours on end searching for minerals doing this!):

1. Fishing rod
2. Bow and arrows
3. Diamond Pickaxe
4. Portal to the Nether.
5. I've grown my own wheat and made bread
6. Cooked fish
7. Found 3 dungeons in one cave (scary)
8. Saddled a pig and went for a joyride.
9. Built an Indestructable home in the nether, to protect the portal.
10. Built a railway and a powered minecart

among other things...anyway let the fun begin!

Hercule Registered User

I created a network of canals and waterfalls that serve as a kind of log flume ride - its hard to get the boat to go particularly fast

created a mine cart jump through fire (lava blocks in glass )

another fun and pointless thing to do is to take a bucket of water, one stone block and 64 dirt/sand - keep jumping up and placing the sand underneath you until you cant go any higher - cut away 1 sand block underneath you then place the stone block (may need to be obsidian in future) . empty the bucket of water while jumping and create a massive pillar of water that can be used to move up into the clouds. - create a palace in the sky

Or cut away the sand/dirt and it falls leaving a single stone block and a waterfall in midair.

dunie001 Registered User

I think i might just try making the waterfall alright...sounds interesting.

I attempted making things with lava before...but it rarely ends well!

Have you found many diamonds?

did you go to the nether yet?

I did...it's good fun...can't survive very long though!

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

Underwater buildings: The trick is to create a container that reaches above water-level and fill it with sand/gravel/dirt (sand is easiest because it takes the least amount of effort to shovel and it "falls"). This forces the water out, then its a matter of shoveling out the filler, and then you're left with your walls. Top it off with a roof below sea level and then clear the topmost parts of the barrier wall to let the water flow back over the top. I reccomend at least a 2 block gap from the surface to your underwater roof, or else you'll be fixing water-turbulence with a bucket for about an hour.

Actually the technique will work fine even without surface water, tunnels are easy to build - build the outer wall, fill with sand, connect it to your dry-room and dig through. On a multiplayer server you dont have to worry about drowning either. But why I did this afternoon was this:


(Water; Glass; Dirt)


That gives you a pocket of air to breath from if your glass building happens to be deep underwater, where it simply takes too long to get back to the surface and still do any work.

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bubonicus Registered User

Clouds always move north.

Also if you look at a rough stone block you will see what looks like an L in the top left corner, When you see it you will never unsee it, but when you are looking at an L, you are facing north, works on the nether blocks too.

Also I run a server which is usually on 24/7. All are welcome, Don't be put off by the lack of buildings at the spawn point... hint look above.

Server address - bubonicus.gotdns.com

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

Tallon has a water ride extending out to an area that captures animals at the end (dunno if he meant that though) Similar to a mob spawn trap but it was made for fun

Remember folks. 4 steel ingots with some red sandstone in the middle makes a compass, that directs you back to your spawn area

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

Keep looking: there are extremely elaborate cave systems everywhere. Entrances to them normally appear near shorelines. You should rarely, if ever, have to "excavate" to find something interesting.

And when you do stumble upon a cave system devise a way to track the way you came: its very, very easy to get lost.

Finally, whether for mining or crafting, your first piece of diamond should always be used on a Shovel. You will always encounter gravel and its a lot easier to chew through than stone. Doing this also very often leads you the goods quicker.

Kersmash Registered User

Anyone got a good tutorial for basic switches, etc. done with redstone?

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

Coal is the only mineral found above Sea Level

You can never have enough furnaces; stuff takes forever to smelt. When coal is in short supply, use wood which doesn't burn as long but is more abundant.

bubonicus Registered User

Kersmash said:
Anyone got a good tutorial for basic switches, etc. done with redstone?

I found this on the minecraft forums here.

hope that helps, seems simple enough, but i have never tried using it yet.

The Gnome Registered User

Overheal said:
Coal is the only mineral found above Sea Level

You sure? I think I remember getting iron above sea level a good few times.

Overheal Covfefe Connoisseur

The Gnome said:
You sure? I think I remember getting iron above sea level a good few times.

I found that information on minepedia


Great thread lads.

I'll ad a few tips later

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

Ideal building tips:

Glass is easy to produce. All you need is a furnace, coal and sand

Iron/Gold/Diamond building blocks:
Costly to make, requires 9 ingots of the same make

Requires 4 clays to make a brick, clays can be obtained deeper below the earth

Requires a u-shaped manufactured wood on the workbench

One flint and iron ingot to make Flint & Steel, to light fires

Reeds can be farmed in dirt directly beside water. 3 reeds makes 3 papers, 3 papers make a book, 3 books surrounded with wood makes a bookshelf.

Wossack Registered User

for navigating around tunnels, I try and keep my torches on the right hand side walls of the caves/tunnels. That way, to find your way out, you just keep the torches on your left.
If theres an instance where you need to light the left side (big open caves etc), just try and place the torches on the floor instead.
Tis fairly crude, and certainly doesnt work all the time, but I find it handy

Mark points of interest (the start of a new cave system, cool rooms, lava pools, large mineral deposits you're not equiped to dig at the time etc etc), with redstone torches

Keeping a pool of lava at the bottom of a shaft near your store room gives you a handy way to dispose of junk easily. While pressing 'q' (default?) drops a single item of what your holding, dragging and dropping a stack out of your inventory drops it all at once. Handy for dumping all those dirt blocks

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