ttenneb Registered User

Anyone installed this software for viewing BBC programmes on its iplayer. The website claims to enable users anywhere in the world to view BBC programmes. I've installed it and apart from having an ad banner on each page I'm still not able to view. A message appears saying "not available in your area". Also I had a warning saying the site doesn't conform to Windows logo and installing might affect the running performance of the computer.

bonzodog2 Registered User

I've tried it and it seemed to work for me, but I mostly use ToR, see my previous thread here for details. With ToR you can have one browser using a proxy for iPlayer, and another not, for general browsing.

Poly Registered User

works for me, you turn it on and off as you need it.

ttenneb Registered User

Will try that alternative one - thanks.

IrishHomer Registered User

I have been using it past few days since i read about it on another thread here and i find it excellent best one i have ever used.

I turn it off when not using it and works flawless so far.

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