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Hi All, We have a conservatory with a high T&G ceiling inside. Our windy nights we have a big draft problem and it appears to be coming from the the ceiling. I know you are not meant to but just wondering would duct tape mark the PVC? Any other ideas to reduce the draft? It was insulated during construction but not sure what else we can do at this stage?

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Insulate is not the same as airtight.

if you have a large amount of glass then it could be one of several factors: -

1/ If you have vents built into each window (usually above the window) this can have large air leakage.
2/ The current cold weather means you will be getting cold down draughts on the glaing internally, basically glass is much colder than a wall so warmer air in the house hits it, cools and it feels colder. You can get this in posh restaurants with lots of glass which is why your female friend never wants to sit there.
3. Draught proofing on the windows themselves. You could buy some sticky stuff from a DIY store and go around the windows so you get a much tighter seal.
4/ Poor build quality on joints in the ceiling, although if this were the case then you would likely have water ingress and you don't...

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Dont put Duck tape on your windows !

It wont harm the PVC but if you leave it on for any prolonged period when you go to removed it the top layer will come away leaving the lacing stuck to the surface and is a bitch to get off !

Try to find the source of the drafts and deal with the problem at source.

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Hi Thanks for the responses.... I am nearly sure the issue is with vents in the eaves. Can you suggest anything other than duct tape for closing them off ?

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