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I'm heading to New York 1st week in December, my sis lives in the states and thought it would be relatively easy to find a cheap and cheerful hotel in the big apple, however its not. I would stay in a hostel but i'll have shopping and stuff and will be out doing tourist stuff during the day and would be afraid it would be nicked. So my question is, Does anyone know of a cheap and cheerful hotel in NYC?? Thanks in advance


Try The Edison I think 57th between 7-8 Avenue.

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Holiday inn midtown manhattan

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What is your budget per night and how many would be in the room?

To be honest, I think you will be lucky to get a cheap and cheerful room at this stage. New York is an incredibly expensive city for lodging, that coupled with the fact that's a busy time of year and you've left it quite late, I think bargains will be hard to find. I think you have 3 options:

-Try bidding on www.priceline.com you place a bid on a hotel, the catch is you don't know what you're bidding on until your bid is accepted and at that stage you can't back out.

-Try looking on www.travelzoo.com to see if they have any late deals.

-Stay outside the city and just get the subway in. Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island are a lot cheaper than Manhatten and are just a subway ride away. This place is recommended a lot on trip advisor:


the subway is cheep, clean, convenient and safe.

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Before christmas is probably a peak time for tourists in NYC isnt it?

Even if it cost a lot more I'd really try and stay in Manhatten. I hate using the subway.

We stayed at this place last year, found it though Trip Advisor:


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Was there in the summer and struggled to find a cheap place. Ended up getting a nice Holiday Inn in Queens and loved it there. Subway is only 15/20 mins into Manhattan. Absolutely loved Queens and would go there again in a flash!

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The Gershwin off 5th is pretty reasonable.

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Don't forget Brooklyn I stayed there last time, big room not at crazy Manhatten prices, just over the bridge and on the subway.

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I stayed in the skyline hotel in Manhattan last time i was there, it's in hell's kitchen, there was some good Irish bars nearby and only a short walk to times square. Prices were quite reasonable although it was over 2 years ago so don't know what they are now.

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Red Roof Inn, now renamed NYMA.

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cheap and cheerful in nyc comes with a cost, rooms under $200 usually are as big as a shoebox, don't have private bathrooms and many haven't been touched since the 1920s

these days when i visit new york i stay over in jersey, prices are lower than manhattan and rooms are big, was over last wkend and stayed here . rooms are quite large/suites, some rooms have huge king beds, they offer a free shuttle to and from newark airport and the PATH train to manhattan is only around the corner and runs 24hrs a day (takes about 15mins to get to 33rd street). there is also a fantastic diner called vip diner just a few steps from the hotel with massive lunches under $10

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rossie1977 said:
cheap and cheerful in nyc comes with a cost, rooms under $200 usually are as big as a shoebox, don't have private bathrooms and many haven't been touched since the 1920s

Not always true, it really depends what time of year you go. I've been a number of times in January and got a lovely room for 130$ plus tax for the room.

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