chappy Registered User

Just wondering I have been out of work sick for roughly a month following an operation.Should this affect my holiday entitlements for the year?

My contract states I get 20 days annual leave?

irelands_call Registered User

Does it say anything in your contract regarding sick leave?

From Citizens Info : illness during the leave year will reduce the total number of hours you work and can therefore affect your entitlement to annual leave. While you are on sick leave from work you do not accumulate annual leave entitlement.

However, depending on your normal working week, you may have accumulated enough hours to entitle you to 4 weeks anyway?

Wishbone Ash Registered User

It probably depends on your employer.

(In the public service, officer grades retain annual leave entitlements but must be able to take the AL before the end of the AL year. Non-officer grades are entitled to AL on a pro rata basis., e.g. if they are absent for 10% of the year, their AL is reduced by 10%.)

chappy Registered User

Im on a salary and have to work a minimum of 44 hours per week?
There is no mention in the contract of annual leave being reduced due to sick leave

sue345 Registered User

Usually salaried paid people have a set amount of holidays (this would be stated in your contract) i.e a minimum of 20 days per year or 4 weeks, however as you do not accumulate holidays while on sick leave you could loose the holiday days you would have been entitled to if you were working

As you stated you were off sick for a month, based on a minimum of 20 days per year thats 1.66/1.67 (depends how generous your employer is!) days for the month you were off...

Now in saying that your employer might over look the fact that you were on sick leave and give you your the full entitlement as if you were not off, it really is at their discretion....

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