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I'm thinking of putting up a wooden ceiling in my conservatory. The floor size of room is 5.6m x 4.1m with the ceiling angling up on three sides.

Has anyone any experience of this and the cost involved (labour and materials) or what type of wood i should use?


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Hi, will first off you will have to measure the roof and get the area of the 3 sides the floor area will be different so thats no good to you. Most people use T&G boards of some sort. I have no idea on cost.

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Thanks for the respinse.

The area is circa 24sqm

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TGV and TGB are popular in conservertory ceilings and can be done with lots of designs and centre pieces. u could also do a trough around the bottom with rope lighting. u could also make up trusses or beams, i would prefinish all boarding and mouldings before fitting. insulate and ply out the ceiling. boarding should be secret nailed with 18 guage brad gun. u will need scaffolding also. it is hard to say how much it would cost unless u know exactly what u want.

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Hi Huge E

I just complete a conservatory to sunroom conversation for a friend of mine. I put insulated silver foil under the glass on the inside. Really good job as you then don't see the framing etc for the TGV from outside. Also looks well. Have to say it was a slower job then i though taking 9 full days on my own. Slow job hiding all the nails with a lot of angle cuts. Even with all the right tools and a big van to get the material.

On the price it cost about 900 euro in material (framing insulation and quality TG) I also made my own beading.

I actually have some pictures of it on my website

Hope that helps.

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You won't get better advice then the previous two posts. A mobile scaffold (on lockable wheels) can be rented for relativly cheap and its easily moved so no setting up, taking down and repeating. Just set it up the once and you're done. Pre - finishing the boards is the way to go too. Its a much cleaner job in the end.

P.S. LCW, very nice job.

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Class Job LCW

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