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I completed the ECDL CTP (Certified Training Professional) a couple of years ago. Now I want to get onto the FAS register of trainers. However there appears to be a Catch-22 element to this register ... can't get onto the register without being with a training organisation, can't get a job with a training organisation without being on the register.

Can anybody give me some advice on getting onto the FAS register of trainers if I'm not currently employed by a training company?


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I've been trying to find this out myself and this is all I can find:

How do I Become a FÁS Registered Trainer?
The term “Training Organisation” in the context of the National Register of Trainers means individuals, sole traders, limited companies and other organisations that are involved in the provision and delivery of training and development programmes.

One Step Up refers to qualification levels in terms of the National Framework of Qualifications, or foreign equivalent, and the level of courses being applied for. Tutors are required to hold a Technical Qualification one clear step above the level of the course for which the organisation is seeking approval.

A “Technical Qualification” is regarded as one which gives a tutor the necessary knowledge to deliver a training programme and be clearly related to the subject matter of the course for which the organisation is seeking approval.

Trainers seeking approval must hold a “Training Qualification” which shows they are trained and qualified with an understanding of the principles of the psychology of education & training, know how to design and deliver training, use appropriate methodology and resources, and also have studied the area of equality relevant to the training environment.

Application Process
The application process begins firstly with the Training Organisation completing the Application for Registration as an Approved Trainer / Training Organisation, available on, and submitting the completed form to the NRT unit. Upon receipt of the application, all material submitted is vetted to ensure that the application is fully & correctly completed, all Technical and Training Qualifications have been submitted for each tutor and all documentation in respect of Tax Clearance, programme outlines, etc has been submitted.

For a trainer to register, they must be able to provide evidence of technical qualification(s) relevant / directly linked to the training course subject matter and hold an approved training qualification. As discussed, the trainer must hold a relevant qualification which is one step up (or more) from the level of the course to be delivered. Tutors applying for approval are required to have a minimum of 2 years Training Experience within a Training Organisation. However, if a tutor has less experience, they may still apply through an Approved Organisation and be granted approval (once other criteria has been met) subject to appointment of an NRT approved trainer, who is also in that organisation, as a mentor.

A person with 10 years training experience may apply without holding a training qualification. In this case the applicant may apply for a Competency Based Assessment (CBA). CBA is an assessment carried out via interview and observation, conducted by an external assessor over one day, and is based on the 15 Core Competencies, which an approved Training Qualification must satisfy, and is considered a “substitute” to a Training Qualification.

If an applicant is not in a position to fulfill the training qualification requirement, consideration may be given to tutors who do not possess a Training Qualification and approval will be given to facilitate such tutors attaining a suitable Training Qualification. Some of these cost around €1,000, but they may be subsidised by CDP funding of 70%: this training would have to be confirmed with the course provider. Applications from Trainers / Training Organisation will be considered, when a tutor does not yet possess a Training Qualification, if a tutor has completed a Training Qualification, but is yet to receive their qualification, when supported by a written declaration from the Training Provider that this applicant has completed the course and is awaiting their results or Certificate. Full approval would be subject to confirmation of successful completion of the course and receipt of a copy of the Certificate.

Please note that, in terms of CDP funding, when a trainer is registered with FAS, it would be necessary for the Training Organisation to discuss and agree, in advance, funding arrangements with the appropriate (regional/geographical) FÁS Services to Business unit and the proposed client(s), prior to commencement of any training.

If you wish to contact the National Register of Trainers unit you may call FÁS on 01 – 6070500 or email direct to the unit via

So if you are already working in a organisation, they apply to the register for you. Otherwise you can apply yourself, provided you have 2 years training experience and a recognised qualification. The FÁS website doesn't have any information on where to actually apply, your best bet might be to contact them directly.

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Back again. I was in contact with FÁS directly - this is the email they sent me:

Thank you for your email and to let you know that at present the NRT is updating it’s registration and application system to The FAS Pre-Procurement Register of Trainers but this has not been finalised as yet. The new system, will focus on the following areas:

a)Reviewing the credentials, tax clearance and accreditations of each applicant Training Organisation - individual trainers will no longer be registered but can do so by forming a company or operate as sole trader.

b)Subject to approval, listing the organisation and its programmatic competency areas on the internal FAS database/register. The Training Organisations trainers will not be evaluated at this point.

It has been decided by FAS Management to accept no further applications until the new system is finalised which should be within the next couple of weeks.

It will be advertised in the National Newspapers and FAS website when available. We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The trainer standards are as follows:
· Minimum 2 years relevant training experience
· Formal, subject-matter qualifications relevant to the programme or module being delivered – the trainer qualifications should be at least one clear step higher than the programme level
· Approved Training Qualification or acceptable equivalent

Please see above list of approved trainer qualifications and also essential trainer competencies list.

If you want to give me a call to clarify any of this please do so on 057-9126637

So individuals can no longer become NRT-registered trainers unless they are already employed, form their own company, or become a sole trader. I understand the system is in need of review, what with all the unregulated cowboys out there etc, but this does seem to make it very difficult for an individual trainer to become accredited in their own right.

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Thanks Cat Melodeon!!

I wonder how hard it would be to set up as a sole trader? Not that difficult I'd imagine... It looks from the wording that the certification, training experience boxes etc could be ticked using experience gained with another (3rd-party) company and then just set up as a sole trader??? In any case, it looks like it'll be difficult to assess the new process until there's more information on it.


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I recently completed the Diploma in Education and Training (UCG) as it confirmed that it was recognised by FAS for the purpose of registering as a trainer with them. However, it appears that they are no longer keeping a register of trainers. What other ways can one become part-time instructor in adult education with specific interest and training in childcare.

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