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Hi! I'm in 5th year at the moment (LC 2012) and i'm just wondering would it be possible to teach myself Economics and get a B3 in Higher?. I'm currently doing Business and I don't know if the subject overlaps but if it did it would be great!. I've heard people talking about the book "Rapid Revision Economics". I'm just wondering if I studied hard and did study over the summer would it be possible to achieve a B?. All replies welcome thanks!!

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There's very little overlap between business and economics. In any case, it's a very short course with a lot of options on the test which makes it pretty attractive for a self-taught () subject. You could even manage an A since you're starting this early in fifth year.

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An A really?. That would be fantasic!. What topics do you think I should begin working on?. Is it really that easy?. How much studywise would I have to invest in (Per Week) to achieve a B2 or Higher?.. Any other tips greatly appreciated!.

Ps. what's with the smiley-face and bold print on "taught" :L did i say something stupid :L

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Ok once again I have to dispel this boards rumour that economics is so easy. It's short enough I guess but can be quite complex and lots of hard concepts and particular ways of answering. None of the books really have everything you need to know. Plus I would really not advise doing it without a teacher. Don't get me wrong, I'm good at economics and like it and find it not too bad but this whole thing of economics is so easy on boards is a bit ridiculous. The A rates in econmics are actually lower than most other subjects because of people just not answering correctly and taking it up as an extra subject, not putting enough effort in cos it's a "short course".

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Hi ruadhan!. Thanks for answering!.. I totally agree with you that no subject in Leaving Cert. is easy and if I said that I apoligise profoundly for it!. I'm just wondering is it possible to do yourself and get a B2?. And also where or what information would you need that would not be included in the textbook?. Keep the replies coming!! Thanks!.

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Yeah a b2 is very possible though. Of course I don't know you or your interests or altitudes so I can't say for sure like but like all subjects if you learn it all you'd be ok. The notes my teacher gives us are really good, we barely use the book, it's pretty crap. Worship the marking schemes they are basically the best notes there is. I'm not really sure about anything else to be honest.

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I'm one of those people who have taken it up for the leaving. I'm getting through it but without a teacher it is tough enough, you's definitely have to be the sort of person who has interest in the subject, listening to the news and business sections of the newspaper. When you have no teacher you really have to make a plan and stick to it and not rest on your laurels, no-one will be telling you to do it so I think a lot of people in leaving cert would not be able to attain a high grade because we are spoon fed everything, however it is good training for college if you do decide to take it up

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Well i'm doing Business (I know it doesn't overlap much) but i'm currently getting A's in it. I also do Pass Maths (would this be a problem?.) I moved from honours after JC and have been getting A1's since I moved. Thanks Liveit! Did you take it up in 5th or 6th year?. I'm in 5th year now myself so I think I would have enough time to go through the hard bits quite slowly.. Any other tips?

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Is it possible to get a B yes an A is not really out of reach either.
Business & economics ,don't overlap too much but it's always a nice feeling to see taxation,BOT,BOP & oppurtunity cost on both courses.
Geography also overlaps with the last few chapters of economics.
But really this is irrelevant,as many see this as any subject simply because the same questions & patterns appear every year meaning the clever people bombing it through the papers from early on always do well!

Don't be put off by chapters like elasticity ,it's fairly easy just takes time when you're on your own!

If you need help or pages of definitions send me a message!

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Definitely possible. Everything can be found in that Rapid Revision book. A lot of people find it tough but I think thats a lot to do with the teacher. Last year I had a good teacher I thought the subject was grand, however this year I have a different teacher and he explains things much differently, he over-complicates simple stuff by putting in too many diagrams and using bad examples (eg he used petrol stations as an example of Imp Comp and then used Oil as an example of oligopoly). But yeah, I'd say go for it.

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I was in school up to 5th year and then finished everything from home, self taught business and economics in one year, didn't do fantastic by any stretch but business is straight forward, wouldn't advise taking on economics by yourself unless you have a real interest in it though.

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Thanks everyone!!. Edgerallenpoo thanks also.. The only thing is I will have over 1 year and a half to do it. And I am only doing the one subject outside school.. The truth is I don't get any homework really and study for about 3 hours everyday after school but (I know this sound stupid) I'm actually running out of things to study like :L.. So I think I could manage an extra Economics subject outside of school.. If anyone could post a timeline of how long to spend on each topic I would be forever grateful!!

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PictureFrame said:
If anyone could post a timeline of how long to spend on each topic I would be forever grateful!!

I think you'd probably be best if you ask an Economis teacher that. Besides, it really depends on your ability. Also if you asked the econ teacher at your school s/he'd probab;y let you sit the mocks/summer exams etc with his/her class. I know one or two of the mods on here are teachers but not sure for which subjects.


I´m an Economics teacher, and reckon it all depends on your motivation, workload, interest and ability, not on the course or the book. The "Rapid Revision" one is very good, but you will need a full-length text book to get to grips with some of the (initially) more arcane concepts. There are lots of "self-test" books available also (I´m not going to recommend any particular because I don´t want to give the impression that I´m favouring any particular publisher). The exam has a wider choice than any other course I know of, in terms of questions, and because the course is in two sections (Micro and Macro), you can try to specialise in one. (Warning - there is absolutely no way you can do only one section, in the hope of being able to choose only questions from that section on the exam - far too risky). Good luck with it if you decide to go for it.

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Thanks so much Captain Scarlet!. The only thing is I can't afford to buy an Economics book right now so i'm just going to have to try my best with the Rapid Revision Book.. Have you got any tips I could use in relation to timing my workload on certain chapters.. Which chapters could be considered as the "Hardest?." Thanks

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