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AkumaKon is a new upcoming anime convention in Ireland. It will be held in The National University of Ireland, Galway.
This new Con will be taking place on the 21-23 of January 2011!

Preregistration for Akumakon is now open!

Preregistration is open until 31st December (Subject to change).

What you will need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Con Pass Name
  • 20euro from a creditcard (Yes 3v vouchers work) or paypal account.

Due to the unique nature of every pass, you cannot buy multiple tickets in one go.

What you recieve!
  • T-Shirt
  • Customised Con Pass
  • Weekend Entry to our AMAZING convention

Any problems or questions, comment or PM me!

Why should you want to come to Akumakon?

We are lining this convention as one to be remembered for years to come. Firstly we have LittleKuriboh as our special guest! He is a very well known Voice Actor/SuperAwesomeGuy who created the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series.
If you don't know who this guy is... you really just have to click the link and find out for yourself. You have heard some of the phrases he has created: “Screw the rules! I have money!”, “In another few hours the sun will rise.”, “Must… wash… away… the sin…”, “Oh, come on. Just one little Mind Crush, it’ll barely hurt him.”, “Whenever Kaiba smiles, a puppy dies.”.
Or the more popular "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES".

We also may have more special guests to actually blow your mind, but these must be confirmed (WATCH THIS SPACE!)

Outside of special guests we will have a huge range of events taking place from Cosplay, Karaoke, Card Gaming, Console Gaming, LAN, Panels, a Pub Quiz, a Maid Café, an Artist Alley, Anime Showings, Workshops, A CLOAK ROOM and of course, Traders!

Getting a little bit excited now?

Well then, we can tell you that this is being held in NUI Galway's student building "Aras na Mac Leinn" which is a large, yet compact building so you won't have to walk your tired little legs far at all! Not even for drinking related shenanigans as the bar is literally 3 steps outside the building!

Now I think you might be buzzing just a little bit...

More amazing news! We are the cheapest large convention out there at the moment!

Prices: €20 - Weekend Pass, €12 - Day Pass

Prices may change in the future so use this as a reference only!

Where is the website?

Visit us here: http://www.akumakon.com/
Submit your entries in the journal comment section and you could be in with a chance to see your art in our Con book!

Post, ask questions, discuss!

John Burke (Website/Tech Assistant)

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Xenoronin said:

What are the near by places to stay? I would be interested in going .

Xenoronin Registered User

This is a very basic list without much info but it should get you started on places you could stay!

Edit: I must also mention that since the University is very centralised in Galway, the max you would have to walk from the majority of these places is 20mins.
To use a reference, it takes 15-20minutes to get from the bus station in Galway to the university.



091 566999

Bothar na mBan

Galway, Ireland



091 530064

College Rd.


Nimmos Hostel


091 586661

1 Upper Dominick Street

Salmon Weir Hostel


091 561133


3 St Vincents Ave

Kinlay House Hostel


091 565244

Merchants Road

Eyre Square

Galway City Hostel


091 566959

Frenchville Lane

Eyre Square

Claddagh Hostel

091 533555

Queen Street

Eyre Square

Barnacles Quay Street House


091 568 644

Quay Street

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thefinalstage Registered User

Sweet, thanks for the info . If I can get a few other anime peoples to book in with me we could have like an anime floor or something

Xenoronin Registered User

If you have any contacts in a university you could organise going on the trip with them.
If you are in uni, even better, you can go with a society and potentially get subsidised

Do try to come in a group, conventions are much more fun with more people that you know Eirtakon... that hostel was hilarious

Konata Moderator

Sounds awesome - I definitely plan on going. Since I'm totally broke I'll just stay with friends

Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

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Butterscotch Registered User

I really want to go to this and wish you guys best of luck with it. If any help or advice is wanted relating to cosplay events feel free to PM me.

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laurashambles Registered User

LittleKuriboh, you say? Well, I'm sold.

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Our website is up and running! Come and join our community!

We are running a mascot contest and a Cosplay photoshoot contest!
Read the journal comment section and you could be in with a chance to win!

I messed up earlier, sorry to anyone who /facepalmed at me posting the dA link twice -_-
I think a Mod has to edit the original post! I don't seem to have access to it anymore :L

Konata Moderator

Am I totally blind? I can't see where you've linked to the dA twice in the OP at all... >_<

Xenoronin Registered User

I meant in that post, not the OP. I said that the website was up and running and linked to the dA page again. Could you edit in the fact that we have a website now plz

Konata Moderator

Xenoronin said:
I meant in that post, not the OP. I said that the website was up and running and linked to the dA page again. Could you edit in the fact that we have a website now plz

Ah yes! I see now

Done for you there

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MarkMI6 Registered User

I for one am looking forward to this event and/or product.

Thomas-G Registered User

Sweet, I'm there, and if you want a hand with any of the web stuff or promotions I live in Galway so I'd be willing to help. Could stick up a few flyers in GMIT to boot.

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