Arequipa Registered User

Hi! Am close now to splashing some cash;which would you go for in terms of 1. spec 2.value for money 3. looks; i always appreciate your feedback!

This bike retails at 2,199 euro.

The Trek is a great bike but expensive: 2,970 euro.

I like the look of this bike;retails at 2,595 in Cyclesuperstore.

I suppose other options are Canyon, Planet X,Specialised etc; there are too many options?!!

Thank you!

Funkyzeit Registered User

That Cube is one SWEEEET looking bike. I'm in the anti Trek/Giant corner - nice to have something a bit different.

Spec looks good too although surprised at +2k they are 'only' giving the Fulcrum 5's. Don't get me wrong I am running F5's over 3 years on my bike and despite abuse they are still perfect..

Caroline_ie Registered User

CUBE ... way nicer and too many of the others around.

funkyjebus Registered User

cube. hate giants and treks. so boring especially giant.

ednwireland Moderator

Caroline_ie said:
CUBE ... way nicer and too many of the others around.

+1 cube

adodsk Registered User

not quite the same model as the Race but the Pro might save a few quid maybe?

edge500 Registered User

Cube again . But then again im slightly biased as i have three of them!

There was a thread a few weeks ago on a similar note , everybody was in the Cube camp. Far better spec's and looks great too. There is very few bikes that can get near to Cube for value for money IMO.


id go for the giant, then the trek then if i really really had to the cube, but i think if i had a cube id be training even less than i am already. i've seen a few of them around and they definitly look a whole lot better in the pics online. not a nice lookin bike at all! id try gettin a look at one in the flesh first if i was you as them pictures with the black background does something to make them look better than they really are.


Haven't Canyon become the Skoda of the bike world ? You get a lot more equipment for your money than other brands, it would be worth looking into it more.

fran oconnor Registered User

i have last years cube myself,its very much the same as that one only a few small came with easton wheels.they are a real nice bike,i got mine in the cycle supserstore for 2000 euro in march and im well happy with it.if you are thinking of getting one though the sizing is quite odd with a normal 54 would be a 56 in the cube frame..

TheBlaaMan Registered User

Another to consider..........?

€2k should get you a 2011 carbon framed Ridley Orion. Check out my pics

thebouldwhacker Registered User

Buy a Bianchi.
Nicer than the rest imo.

murph226 Registered User

Giant all the way!



Arequipa Registered User

Hey-thank you for your replies! Cube bikes do seem to be really good-I will defo go see some bikes & testride before I buy.
Blaaman- I like the bike- Belgian made-cute dog too!
Markcronin-thanks for reply- I have seen a fair few cubes & thought they looked nice-saying that I havn't seen this model in the flesh! Treks & Giant seem great bikes but overpriced & seem very 'mainstream'!
I plan on buying in February/march-when season will begin to turn a bit- in meantime, plan on getting shoes,clothes, bike computer etc...

Thank u!

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