bullets Registered User

Seen "BAX shooting system" associated with some
C02 GBB pistols, some GBB manuals show a screw that
can be adjusted for "weather conditions" and some GBB pistols are boasting of 250 shots per Ampule.

Does anyone know exactly what this BAX system is or does?
compared to your average bog standard system ?


thermo *********

as far as i know "bax" is just another name for a hop up system.

Puding Registered User

just another way of saying hop up, it was an attempt by cybergun to rename the hop up and copyright it, obviously this stupidity failed

bullets Registered User

Ah good to know its only Hop up.

For a while I got worried and thought it may be some
sort of half blow back system where the slide moves but
does not cycle fully and saves on gas.


Stercus Accidit Registered User

Didn't it have left and right adjustment too?

Dread-Lock Registered User

Yeah BAX is just what cybergun call hopup. Although from what I know they did alter the chamber and how it works slightly.

And I've never seen any GBB pistol claim to get 250 shots out of a CO2 cartridgem,, but I have seen GNB pistols advertising 250 shots per cartridge. And from owning one, 200-250 shots is about right.

bullets Registered User

Woops! My Bad! I noticed what I was looking at that advertised 250 Shots was GNB and not GBB!

One of the brands of P99's and the G&G pistols use
a kinda half cycle where the slide does not come back all of the way to save on the gas.


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