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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I live in bayside in north dublin (dublin 13) and for about the last 2 weeks maybe a little longer our upc service has been terrible!

We've had their phone, internet and digital tv pack for about 6 months now and its been grand with only minor hiccups.

but lately the phone and internet have been terrible, the phone is dropping calls if we're on for more than 10-15 mins, the connection goes very bad like a bad voip connection then drops.

the internet has been fairly unstable too, but not quite as bad. i have had to reset the modem nearly daily to get the connection back and Skype calls have been pretty dodgey.

Today has been ridiculous though, the internet is dropping the connection every 5 min or so. i have been onto support plenty of times and we had an engineer out on Monday, they have all said the connection seems fine.

Today when i called support I was told the "levels" were all over the place and an engineer would be sent to the area to have a look.

on a side note for today there does seem to be minor roadworks going on down the road from me and they could possibly have done something.

Sorry for the length of the post.

Is/has anyone else experienced these problems with upc? or does anyone know if there could be a simple problem on my end that could be causing this?

oh and the tv service has been unaffected.


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There's been some chat over in the Broadband forum on UPC recently.

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Thanks for that, sorry didn't realize there was another discussion, clearly i suck at searching.

found a thread here...

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