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the boss and i are headin to Dublin next weekend and will be staying in the city centre. we both need new runners and want to get gait analysis done aswell. is there anywhere near city centre that does it and might have newtons.



Runways right behind the Ilac centre to begin with anyway.

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Runways on parnell street.


cyclesuperstore and wheelworx both do Newton shoes,not sure if either do gait analysis.

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went in to runways yesterday with the intention of both of us leaving with runners. i was interested in a pair of vibrams and herself wanted a pair of new balance.

customer service was absolutely ****e, one fella just shrugged his shoulders and said "dunno" when i asked a few questions about the vibrams and the fella behind the counter was too interested in whatever was on the computer to chat to us. he seemed to know a bit more than the other guy so i directed my questions to him but his attitude was pretty condescending and rude. at one stage when i asked him about stability trainers he said " well i dunno its you that has to run in them". he never came from behind the counter to show me any shoes. obviously we left empty handed. the shop wasnt busy and we were the only people there at the time.

i've just ordered a pair online and my wife bought a pair of nike in another store in dublin yesterday.



Bit late for you now, but Amphibian King out in Bray are well worth the journey out from the city centre. They know their stuff inside out, explain the gait analysis to you, and will sell you the cheaper pair of runners if that's what suits your gait best. I've had to wait in line during busy times, and saw them spend time with mini-marathon newbies, Tri competitors, and club athletes, and they spent time ensuring the correct shoes for each, rather than rushing everybody through the process.


Also recommend Amphibian King.


Amphibian King seem to be consistant unlike other shops that jumped on the band wagon regarding gait analysis.
I think most of the guys in Runways are college kids who don't give a rats a#se.
Did you get your feet measured for the Vibram shoes?I ordered mine online and they where too big.which model you go for?
Kso are fantastic btw.

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i was hoping to get the bakila but the size they gave me to try on was a bit big and i said that but they didnt offer to get me another size. i was also told they were only really for 2 or 3 miles at a time which is contrary to everything else i have read on the net.

id heard about amphibian king alright but we were staying in the city centre and had left the cars at home so i didnt really have the time to get the dart out as it would have eaten into herselfs shopping time


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Sounds like they didn't have a clue

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don't forget arnotts have a running section by the Abbey Street entrance.

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jaysus, never thought of arnotts, ah well.



I feel bad for mentioning Runways now ! To be honest I never used it myself but it's the only 'specialist' shop in the city centre that I thought would meet the OPs requirement.

Isn't Arnotts not too great anymore for running gear ?

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+1 on Runways being a joke of a shop.
They have no interest in gaining a customer, if you know what you want you are fine but otherwise if you aren't going to bend over and hand them your CC they can't be arsed.
It's just an extension of a cycling store anyway to cater for triathletes, hence they get away with rip off prices.

The people in Arnotts, AK, Sportsworld, although having a low turnover of stock will make an effort for you.

I find Irishfit is an excellent shop although if without a car or access to green luas line it's a bit out of the way (now on the Ballyogan Road).

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thanks guys, i should have brought the car and went out to wheelworx new running shop but it was a wedding anniversary weekend away so i couldnt really spend too much time on the hunt for new gear even though she wanted some aswell, but its easier to get runers for my wife as she has no injury issues and just needs neutral trainers which can be got anywhere. i on the other hand get loads of injuries (obviously due to a crap running style according to runways) and need a more specialist shoe.

i was just annoyed at the attitude in the shop but its ok i wont lose too many nights sleep over them


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