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I have some old irish currency notes and coins and am wondering if anyone knows if they would be of any value:

£1 - one pound note dated 30-09-76
10/- Ten shilling note dated 06-06-68
£5 - Five pound note dated 05-09-75
£10 - Ten pounds (Punt) dated 02-07-99
£5 - Five pounds (punt) dated 16-01-97

silver Coins:

Two Dublin centenary issue 50p coins dated 1988 with dublin seal
One £1 Millennium coin 2000 with boat and oars design?
Three £1 coins dated year 2000
Two £1(punt) coins dated year 1994 & 1998
Mixed collection 5p,10p(2 sizes),50p coins
One 6d coin dated 1964 & one 3d coin dated 1964
Four 1d coins dated 1951, 1954 & 1964

Copper coins:

Thirteen 1968 1d coins
One 1940 1d coin
One penny dated 1945
Two half pennys dated 1965 & 1942
Two farthings dated 1941 & 1945
Three 1p coins dated 2000
Three 1p coins dated '85, '90', '96
One 1/2p coin 1971

If anyone could advise if these are of any value or advise of a website that may help in valuations I would appreciate it.

Many thanks

Blade Moderator

It's all about condition, but assuming what you have is of average circulation wear, I don't see anything there of value in the coins, except the 1940 1d and 2 farthings. About 5 Euro per coin. The rest of the coins are worth little over their face value.

Someone else might fill you in on the notes, but unless they're in unused or there abouts condition, I doubt they'll be worth a whole lot over their face value.

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