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Hi everyone
I just wanted to see what everyone thought of the stammering awareness day.

I found the speakers were very good but that there was too many of them and it might have been good to change the format for the afternoon so we could have broken up in to groups to discuss therapy options to parents support and selfhelp groups.

I also thought the theme was people who stutter inspire but it was not clear on some of the speakers who presented.

But overall it was great to see people from the stammering community come together.


Stephen P Registered User

I agree with you Peter on the points you make.
With speaker after speaker it can get boring. For a whole day event workshops or group discussions are important to get the audience engaged and also keep them there. If I remember correctly only one speaker referenced the theme of International Stammering Awareness Day - People Who Stutter Inspire.
I also thought there could have been more of a variety of speakers from different organisations, therapy programmes etc.
There is lots of potential for a day like this, it needs to be explored more.
I'd love to see a speaker coming from a different stammering organisation in a different country. We had Anita Blom a couple of years ago, which was great.
Day's like this needs to develop and improve every year otherwise it get boring and repetitive.

Michael O Shea Registered User

Hi Stephen, Peter,
I would agree that the NSAD has massive potential in the future, if, and only if the Stammering community support it. For me I was inspired by every speaker, whether they were a presenter or spoke on the "Roving Mic" who could not be inspired by the child who spoke on the "Roving Mic" from the floor, who could not be inspired by the youngters from ISAIYT! who performed so well, you could feel the inspiration in the room from family and friends. Every presenter was made aware that the theme was "People Who Stutter Inspire" but we did not insist on them using the theme, it would be very wrong of us to insist on that, we gave them choice, freedom of expression should be respected by all.

The format will be different for next year as it has been for the past four years, we do look at every suggestion we recieve, we need to know what the Stammering Community want from their NSAD, it is only you can tell us, we need your suggestions, we need your support, or the NSAD will just stagnate and be of no use to anyone, which would be a great pity as we have something which is good, worthwhile, and has as you said massive potential for the Stammering Community at large.

Speak soon,

Stephen P Registered User

Thanks for your reply Michael and comments.
It was a very brave thing for that little girl to talk on the mic. At that age I wouldn't have ever dreamt of doing something like that. ISAYiT also performed very well as usual, the confidence each of them had was refreshing and an inspiration.

Michael O Shea Registered User

Hi All,
Preperation work will commence in June for the 5th National Stammering Awareness Day which takes place in the Ashling Hotel Parkgate Street Dublin on the Saturday the 22nd of October 2011. If any of you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see presented, if you would like to present or take part, if you would like to volunteer some of your free time please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Michael O Shea.

Jonathon Linklater.

Stephen P Registered User

All further posts about this years Stammering Awareness Day will be moved to the Events thread to keep it where everyone can find it easily
Please try and remember to post there, thanks!

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