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I placed an order with Simply Electronics ( for a Canon eos 500D for 525.95eur (which was a really good price for it), and i recieved confirmation saying it would ship in 3-6 days with order confirmation number and the rest. However I got an email from them today asking me to fax or email a copy of the front of my Lazer Card, ID and a Utility bill as a part of their security checking. I am a bit worried about sending these details off to them. Any advice???

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I've no idea about this company, but such a request is not uncommon for large ticket purchases. However, let's wait for feedback from users here before you do any such actions.



They want to verify your identity. If you think the request is fake then contact the company by phone to verify it. If you think the company is dodgy, then you shouldn't be dealing with them at all.

Seems legit though. Pat Verified representative

We would do the same ourselves on occasion. I've no experience directly with the site so am not endorsing the site but certainly the information request would not be unusual - especially if you are paying by laser as there is little or no security verification built in to the laser card system for a retailer.

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It might be worth searching in the Photography forum for this crowd because their name pops up from time to time and they seem to be a bit hit and miss with orders.

They give the impression that they are UK based but in fact all the stuff ships from Hong Kong.


If they do ship from Hong Kong, then that camera is going to become considerably more expensive. Add €110 extra for VAT, plus the handling fee of up to €15, and it's going to be €650 total.

You'd be better off buying more locally.

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The HK thing is not true. I got a Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens from them for 175 blips last month - price in shops here is 260. It arrived within a couple of days and the DHL tracking showed it shipping from Gatwick the day after I ordered it. It had a European warranty card too.

It might be that an order over 500 euro triggers something.

Oryx Registered User

Their company address as per the website is Hong Kong, and their t&cs mention shipping from asia.

stimpson Registered User

OK - I didn't see that. However, my point still stands - my lens shipped from UK - see attached

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I think they do a bit of a Paul Daniels to get it to you without all the extra stuff.

jpb1974 Registered User

It may be that some items are shipped from the UK, while others are shipped from Hong Kong. If the business itself is based in HK, then you can't be sure where it will be sourced.

Up to yourself to decide if it's worth the risk or not.

I notice that the domain is registered through a proxy. This is rarely a good sign. If you're a business, why hide your identity?

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I ordered a Canon 550D from them on the 17th of December, today I got an email with the same request, utility bill and photocopy of font side of my laser card. I really don't know what to do, I've found so many bad reviews online, any advice?

pokerface_me Registered User

Had a bad experience with these guys, long story short. Ordered camera, came from hong kong and canon sign fell off the camera after 2 days, returned item at my expense and never heard from them again, have tried all sorts of contact.

And yes the item was a fake according to my local Camera shop, hook line and sinker i was got.

hungrygreeneye Registered User

I emailed them today and cancelled the order, when I sign into their website under order status, it says refund in progress, and the woman I was speaking too said "action will be taken tomorrow" but I'm not holding my breath on ever seeing that money again :/

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