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Aim: 3m
Completed: 3m
Time: 29:11
Pace: 9:44

MTY: 130.44

Slow, hilly run this eve, just glad to have time to get out.

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Aim: 4m
Completed: 4.01m
Time: 42:39
Pace: 10:38

MTY: 134.45

A nice handy .5 mile walk to start with and then 3.5 miles of hills and spills at roughly 9:30 pace. Felt easy and was happy with it. Dont think I will be doing the 10k this weekend tho.Just not done enough for it.

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Aim: 3m
Completed: 3.61m
Time: 34:06
Pace: 9:27

MTY: 138.06

Steady run with a few hills. I have a possible 10k tomorrow (Entered but not sure I will do it as golf competition within an hour after it) and then hurling game Sunday eve so I will probably get no run in the weekend.

Back at it Monday!

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No run the weekend due to the golf Saturday, and the match sunday. Both which were good excercise in their own way. 5 miles walk around the golf course and a solid game of under pressure corner back hurling!

Monday eve then we had training again. They felt our fitness lacked so plenty of running and feeling the effects of that now today with some stiffness so its going to be a strech evening.

Plan for the rest of the week.

Wed 29th : 4.5m
Thur 30th: 3m/Hurling training
Fri 1st: Bell X1 in Cork so no run
Sat 2nd: In cork and hopefully to Galway for Clare v Galway so no run likely there either
Sun 3rd : 6m

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Aim: 6m
Completed: 5.59m
Time: 57:14
Pace: 10:13

MTY: 143.65

Early week running did not happen due to popping a bone out in my foot on Tuesday. It was quiet tender this morning but I was set on getting out for a run. My mother wanted a run too and usually does a 9k route so I said I would join her and see how I got on. No pain and the pace was perfect I think as I didnt really put pressure on it.

Very hot run tho, wide open to the sun and loved the return 4.5k as a lovely breeze into the face.

Hopefully get one or two more in now before a trip to Spain on Thursday.

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Aim: 4m
Completed: 4.11m
Time: 41:08
Pace: 10:00

MTY: 147.76

Today was a planned rest day after yesterdays first longish run in an age, but with a holiday in Santa Ponsa from Thursday to Monday, I took advantage of the sunny weather (cough) and went for a run. The sunny weather lasted all of 0.5 miles when rain started, followed by a serious head wind. Happy to have the miles done.

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Aim: 4m
Completed: 4.05m
Time: 40:09
Pace: 9:54

MTY: 151.81

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Aim: 3m
Completed: 3.12m
Time: 29:35
Pace: 9:29

MTY: 154.93

Usual route, up the golf course and hills. Legs were heavy after hurling training the night before and took awhile to get going. Quite heavy again this morning but hopefully I will have the time for a run this evening.

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Aim: 5.00 miles
Completed: 5.08miles
Time: 46:22
Pace: 9:05min/mile

MTY: 160.01

I had a crazy headache at work for most of the day. I came home and took some panadol and a glass of water and headed out the door. After half a mile no headache and only clear roads in sight.

I sucked it up and ran throught the village and onto the realitively flat course. 5miles never seemed so nice. I really enjoyed it. I probably could have kept going but I have a sneaky feeling the panadol was hiding any pain in my system.

The 2.5mile return leg had a lovely fresh breeze into my red warm face.

Almost at the stage where anything under 5 is enjoyable. Hopefully it stays that way.

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Aim: 3.00 miles
Completed: 3.04miles
Time: 32:41
Pace: 10:45 min/mile

MTY: 163.05

Miserable run. Worst yet I think. But it was planned mileage and it was done.

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Aim: 3.00 miles
Completed: 3.00 miles
Time: 29:03
Pace: 9:40 min/mile

MTY: 166.05

A bit better than previous run. Legs were slightly heavy after a tough training session last night but was happy it improved a bit.

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Aim: 6.00 miles
Completed: 6.00 miles
Time: 59:00
Pace: 9:50 min/mile

MTY: 172.05

First long run of half marathon schedule took place at 7:15am before roughly 7 hours of taxation study. Good way to clear the head and be fresh. Found it ok, considering how much I struggled with the 3miles previously. Hopefully get 3 miles in tomorrow and then Sunday will be a rest day as I will be down at the Irish open!

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Aim: 3.00 miles
Completed: 3.05 miles
Time: 28:55
Pace: 9:28 min/mile

MTY: 175.10

Not a bad run, bit warm out but getting there.

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Aim: 4.00 miles
Completed: 4.03 miles
Time: 40:00
Pace: 9:55 min/mile

MTY: 179.13

After a somewhat enjoyable run yesterday evening, this mornings was a disaster. I started on a short trail thinking the softer ground would be nice on the legs but after two loops of 1 mile each I was bored and took back off on the gravel path around the golf course. Glad to have the mileage done tho. Off now for a few hours of study, fresh and awake.

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Aim: 3.00 miles
Completed: 3.00 miles
Time: 29:22
Pace: 9:47 min/mile

MTY: 182.13

Took it easy this morning. Hurling training this evening.

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