Dunnes Store Cranmore Sligo is selling off all their ink cartridges.
There is a sign saying 75% off cartridges untill 19/10/10
and a second sign saying 50% off untill 12/12/10.

So 75% offer ends Tuesday.

Price checked a epson T081x mutli pack (6 seperate cartridges) - original price was around 34 euros scans as 8.60 euros.

Good price for brick and mortar store.

There was:

Mostly Dunnes Store Branded , afew original brands.

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clairek6 Registered User

anyone know if there in any other dunnes stores?

Basq Registered User

I saw them.. but thought they were short-dated.

quinnthebin Registered User

Made a Special trip today but disappointed with variety (in other words none I was looking for) and no sign of originals - should've read the OP more carefully

For anyone headin in - they're in a basket in the centre of the aisle next to new cartridges (I nearly missed them)

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