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yes you read corret i said e mobile. ok i switched over there a few days ago. i have an iphone 4 which i got on vodafone a few months ago. its on 4.0.1 and is jailbroken and unlocked using and ultrasn0w. i have been using my o2 sim in it since i bought it (had it jailbroken pretty much straight away).

anyway i managed to cut my emobile sim to the correct size micro sim but when i put it in the iphone goes into recovery mode saying "wrong sim inserted" but yet it does not do it when i have my o2 sim in it.

when i plug it into itunes i get the following message

"The sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. please insert the sim card that came with your iPhone."

so is it a case that im screwed? or is it possible that i can downgrade my software and use a jailbreak with a built in hactivate to get around this problem?

any help would be greatly appreciated


Dublinstiofán Registered User

meteor = emobile

If its not a certain plan your after just move to meteor, they will give you a microsim!

guil Registered User

i'd say ya made a mess of the sim and it cant read it properly

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djdunny Registered User

Can't move to meteor. Signed up to a contract.

And Guil. I def made a mess at the first attempt of cutting a micro sim but this one is exactly the same as my o2 micro sim.

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djdunny said:
Can't move to meteor. Signed up to a contract.

And Guil. I def made a mess at the first attempt of cutting a micro sim but this one is exactly the same as my o2 micro sim.

did you use a small bit of cellotape to hole the template over you full size sim when cutting it?

when i cut my first sim, it wouldnt work and for the life of me couldnt figure out why.......then i noticed a tiny bit of cellotape still on the metal bit, matbe do a double check of the cut sim and make sure nothing has stuck to it.

on anothe note, you have 14 days to exit from a mobile contract, so if you cant get it to work, just tell them you want to leave.

djdunny Registered User

kceire no the sim is fine. Anyway I have it sorted. I was a bit sleepy last nite so didnt fancy trawling the net for answers but now ive had my cup of coffee i found them

i just followed this and worked a treat

but now ive hit another snag. it wont let me enter the apn settings on my iphone

so close and yet so far

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guil Registered User

go to on the phone and enter the apn there

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plu Registered User

I think if you reset network settings with a meteor / emobile sim, it goes to factory default allowing you to enter manually or with the emobile sim, allow itunes to update your carrier settings (which will be to sim free) NB Don't allow iTunes to update operating system

You could also "restore" to 4.1 without upgrading the baseband using tiny umbrella, then jailbreak with limera1n, then unlock again with ultrasnow

djdunny Registered User

Thank everyone for the replies but all I ha to do was put an o2 sim in and it let me put them in manually

themacdaddy Registered User

anyone know the emobile iphone mms settings?

I rang then up and they game to me over the phone. I entered them in and restarted my phone but it does not seem to work.

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