ntlbell Registered User

Anyone know where in Dublin City I could pick up a nice set of whisk(e)y glasses?

Does the celtic whiskey shop sell em?

the beer revolu Registered User

Sorry, can't help you there but I hope you don't mind if I use your thread to ask whiskey drinkers what sort of glasses they favour for drinking whiskey.

Personally, I like a Cognac glass, a small wine glass or an ISO tasting glass.
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I've never understood how the straight sided tumbler became the standard whiskey glass. For me, it does nothing for the spirit.

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BeerNut Moderator

Joining up both posts: Celtic Whiskey sell (or at least used to) their own whiskey glass, like this:

It's what I mostly use.

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the beer revolu Registered User

That would work, alright.
Same at the Penderyn glasses which I've liked the look of.
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Brockagh Registered User

They sell whisky glasses in Brownthomas

The ones there are Glencairns. You can get Cooley packs with a fee one in it - good value. I think it's about 12 euro and you get three minis too.

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Carawaystick Registered User

I tried to source the attached style of glasses in Dublin a few years ago - tried Stock, BT, various kitcheny shops and celtic whiskey and Mitchels - one of the whiskey staff members advised me to acquire them from a publican. He knew what I was lookig for but no idea how to find it.

IrishWhiskeyCha Registered User

I have a few of those ... a nice traditional whiskey glass. And in all fairness not a bad whiskey glass to savour a relaxed whiskey insead of those horrid whiskey tumblers which lose alot of the nose because they are so wide.

I aquired mine from a publica or two but I'm not sure they were aware of the acquisition

If you want to seriously explore you whiskey a glencairn or even the copita style glass that "the beer revolu" showed a pic of ....

Here are a few examples that I have

1. American Style Whiskey shot Glass
2. rolly polly bottomed glass
3. Circular Cut crystal tumbler
4. Bowmore Thistle shaped tumbler
5. Bushmills square tumbler
6. Shot glass (Classy )
7. A wine shaped glass without a stem
8. Glencarin
9. Traditional Irish WHsikey glass
10. Thistle shaped copita glass
11. Copita Glass

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the beer revolu Registered User

I want a few of your no. 10 glass!!

Cavehill Red Registered User

The Irish Whiskey Society sell their own branded Glencairn glasses.
Try emailing them at president@irishwhiskeysociety.com.

IrishWhiskeyCha Registered User

the beer revolu said:
I want a few of your no. 10 glass!!

Here's some ...

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pog it Registered User

Love this thread!
Where can I get the no.9 glasses?

iambrazil Registered User

I picked up one of the Glencairn (no. 8 in the photo) glasses in the Celtic Whiskey Shop the other day but they only have them as part of a Connemara set. So you get a Connemara branded glass and three different types of their whiskey in 50cl bottles for 15euro.

They might only had one or two other types of glass but that was the one I was after.

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