Hi, was wondering if anyone remembers the name of the programme they used to show on T na G about 10 years ago? It was in French and was a great show but can't think of the name.



Anyone? I think they were teenagers or students of film studies or something like that


Anyone remember it? It was on sometime between 1997-2001. Have tried IMDB and other sites but no luck.


well can you give a bit more information ? what time it was on? storylines etc... The only teen show that I can remember them having in that era was edgemont but that was Canadian


Thanks for the reply! It was either a French show or French Canadian, definitely French with English subtitles. Think it was on a Mon or Thurs night, perhaps 8pm or 9pm? Can't remember any specific storylines, just it being one of the few enjoyable teen dramas and it was set it some high school/college.

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