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Bill Evans at Town Hall. Beautiful. A must for fans of the piano trio.

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Stevie Wonder's version of Chick Corea's Spain.

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Angel L. Registered User

listening a lot of Clifford Brown recently

The_Consumer Registered User

•Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland
•Earth, Wind and Fire - Let's Groove
•Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
•Clara Hill (ft. Viktor Duplaix) - Paper Chaser



Been listening to a bit of Sonny Rollins lately. Top notch stuff from the stuff that I've heard.

stevejazzx Registered User

Gyalist said:
Stevie Wonder's version of Chick Corea's Spain.

Doh! I missed him in dublin.
What a band!!

I've been listening Tommy Emm playing Gypsy Jazz which unsurprisinigly he's amazing at too!

sambora Registered User

I'm currently listening to some stuff I heard on Monday night in JJ's. The Phil Ware Trio and they had a guy called Philip McDermott performing too.

Fantastic sound! McDermott is brilliant too, such a graceful way of playing jazz

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I have B.B. King Live @ The Regal on repeat the last few weeks, such an incredible album! What an experience it would have been to be at that gig!!

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Ive been spinning, The yellow jackets for the last few days, just brillant. Got theolonius monk and chick corea aswell. Just cant get enough of monk, he was the first jazz artists that i bought a record of and ive been hooked.

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RC88 Registered User

Larry Carlton - Emotions wound us so

Pat Metheny Group - Have you heard

Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli - Minor Swing

problemchimp Registered User

Tord Gustaffson trio, Being There. As laid back as it gets!

sham69 Registered User

bit of ronny jordan yesterday (the antidote)
and today I went with a bit of Branford Marsalis, Crazy People Music.
Amazing album , kenny kirland amazing pianist (rip)
I think when I used to go to JJ's about 10 years ago Louis Stewart's band (with richie buckley) used to start the night off with spartacus.

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