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jtsuited said:

Few guys I've talked to were happy to do gigs for little money and without the agent as long as they weren't listed on the bill.

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electrogrimey said:
That could work for another reason too, it'd be a lot easier to book DJs for a secret gig, as you could skip agents etc as it'd have nothing to do with public image, I'd say you'd get around a lot of red tape doing that.

Well you would still have to book them so you probably would still have to go through an agent.

the secret part woulod be more about the crowd,but if you can make it so that agents dont need to be involved make it happen

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Seen that happen a number of times but generally only for promoters who are quite buddyish with the DJ's or Even the Agents concerned if they are coming over for a holiday, flying thought ireland en-route to UK and make it an extra cheap date (in the case of US dj's) or similar.

If its an established night the gig does not have to be secret if the main act just "happend" to have his record bag with him and wanted to play.

... pay for the trip / hotel and some beer money .. as far as the agent is concerned "He just loves DJ'ing so much when he was asked to play at a club he was having a few drinks in ....." Some agents use it for PR too especially if its a reputable venue or night

Just leak the word beforehand that there's a good chance DJ XYZ will be showing up for a bit of a spin.

Disclaimer: The character DJ XYZ is a fictional character any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental.

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i am looking at holding a club night and as a complere newbie i would be interested in hearing opinions on the following:

1. Is it better to pay a set amount for the use of the club or to agree a split of the door / bar take?
2. Do you need insurance if you are promoting or does the clubs insurance cover the event?
3. What hidden costs are involved?

Thanks in advance....

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