ihavequestions Registered User

Who is joining me to (hopefully) venture across the sea on a knowledge quest?

ihavequestions- A hopefull physiotherapy student 2011 !

York St John
and one more I haven't decided !

louloubella Registered User

I am applying for O.T in
-Uni of Ulster
-London South Bank

I will be 27- probably older than you.
I have been teaching for a while and had an epiphany.

Just got my application in two weeks ago.
The very best of luck to you!!

Cliona99 Registered User


Hoping to study midwifery in Wales. Haven't finished the application yet. The personal statement is killing me! And trying to narrow down 49 colleges to 5 isn't easy either.

grrrrrrrrrr Registered User

Wondering if you could answer a question for me please. On the UCAS website under entry requirments it says for example 5 B's. But is that 5B1's or can you include B2's. And is an A a A1 or does it include A2's??

louloubella Registered User

hey there.
unless it gives you exact leaving cert points dont worry about it.
if you are worried email the department to find out for sure.

tazbars Registered User

Hi! Im a UL student thinking of transferring to the UK to do childrens nursing, havent began my application and dont have much information anyone else dropping out of college here? And when does the English academic year begin?

Ciaramb92 Registered User

I've applied for Actuarial Finance. I'm waiting for 2 more to get back to me but as of yet I've gotten an offer and 2 rejections.

Heriot-Watt Conditional Offer
City University (London) Rejection
London School of Economics Rejection
Heriot-Watt Waiting for an offer/rejection (different course than above)
Queens University (Belfast) Waiting for an offer/rejection

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