mill89 Registered User

Hey does anyone know when the boxing club has its training?? Didn't see them at the clubs and socs day.

banquo Registered User

Email them at

mill89 Registered User

Tried that a few days ago and still no reply..

Absolute Zero Registered User

I'm doing the boxing, it's on Tuesdays from 8.30 to 10 and Thursdays from 8.30 to 10. In the large sports hall.

It's 3 euro every time now though, the lad who teaches it is sound though.

recyclebin Registered User

Cheers absolute zero!

DB10 Banned

Anyone know if the club is still going? Cant find much info on it might give it a go.

Although at this stage I might be better leaving it until September?


Tuesday 8:30-10pm in the Main Sports Hall
Thursdays 8:30-10pm in the Small Sports Hall

Don't bother leaving it 'til September, start next week, all welcome

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