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Hello guys! Im playing now Mafia 2 in my laptop and manage up to Chapter 8, even though I have very low specs. But its playable though, but gets slower in night time and when there are light effects. Example, headlights, lighting of a room, flashlights...anything as long as light effects is involve.

Is there a way to reduce this settings? A tweak or something just like in GTA 4??

By the way my physx is off and Ive already deleted some folders. And i know guys will tell me get a new laptop! Ehehe cant afford new one yet, I just need to adjust some settings, anyone???

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Just an advanced headsup, burutos08, this "Game Editing" forum is more about the editing / design / creation of actual games (modifications / level design / engines etc) as opposed to the editing of its features.

That's not saying your question doesn't fit in here as there may very well be tweaks or programs to alter / edit the view of the game but just saying - If you don't have much luck here on the GE Forum I'll move it to the Games Forum to see if any other folks can lend more support.

Can't say I'm aware of any tweaks for Mafia though I'm afraid.

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ok sir moderator tnx....

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Wasn't giving out or anything, just saying Not entirely sure if you'd get the feedback you're after from Game Editing.

I'll move it to Games, maybe Mafia players are aware of available downloads/patches/tweaks and can lend more help.

Note to Moderators: Hope this isn't out of place, feel free to throw it back to the GE Forum if it is.


What are Your full specs, what make and model is Your laptop?

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PogMoThoin said:
What are Your full specs, what make and model is Your laptop?

hp pavilion dv5
mine is just core 2 duo t6400
2gb ram
512 vid card

i can play it smooth playing in lowest graphics LOL!! but when night comes or anything with light effects, like lights from the streets or flashlights. the game slows, so i hope there would be a tweak that can reduce lighting effects,etc....

i know others will tell me buy a new rig, but for now i'll just try if there is a tweak. Thanks!!!

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