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Can anyone recommend some Polish musicians with an easy-listening, jazzy kind of music? I'm familiar with the punkier side of Polish music thanks to my Polish friends but I prefer something more mellow. I have cds by Anna Maria Jopek and Grzegorz Turnau and love them to bits, but I've played them almost to death by now.

Also, if anyone knows a good place to acquire these cds, that'd be much appreciated too. Dziękuję!

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I might suggest John Porter and Anita Lipnicka. They are a couple, and while he is English, he has been living in Poland since 1976. It's fairly easy-going music.

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Thanks for that, they're really good. I really like this one:

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I'll keep an ear out for them.

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Not really my kind of music, but Maria Peszek had good reviews and her music is sort of easy to listen to but not really pop


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You might like Czesław Śpiewa, although he has a good bit more uptempo stuff too.

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try merlin.pl for CD's. They deliver to Ireland I think.

As for some new music, try the following

Ania Dabrowska
Aga Zaryan
Mika Urbaniak
Loco Star
Pook Pook
Leszek Mozdzer

A lot of these artists are on Youtube

A good website to sign up for would be http://www.artpolonia.org/
They host a good few Polish musicians in Ireland.

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Just thought of a couple more:
Leszek Długosz
Michał Bajor

Both are generally easy going music.

One other is Urszula (Urszula Kasprzak) who is a bit more pop-rock based.

I have to admit that I am basing my suggestions on my Polish wife's collection


Check out the Dzem group.


Dzem and Lipnicka for someone asking about jazz? Wow

Try rather these:
- Michal Tokaj
- Leszek Mozdzer
- Tomasz Stanko

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boyz and doda are very good lol only messing

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I did check Doda out a while ago when she was in the news about some Jesus thing or other. "Nie Daj Się," hmm, I took that advice and moved right along.

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Those are fantastic, softmee, thanks!


No problem. It made me think how polish language sounds like if you dont understand it. Do you?
I would love to hear it that way once.

Some more :








........... enjoy.............

( i wasn't listening to any music at all for too long, its time to go back to this i think, so thanks for reminding)

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