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ok this is bad i wont follow this thread anyway just a bit of fun, i know paddy power doesnt have a grudge against me .with all this crap luck i have to have a little bit due.anyway ill have a look see what on today for the craic i`m planning on doing this for at least a month just to see how thing go. good luck to all other loggers

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right todays gamble is
ireland u 19 1/7
home united( singapore league) 1/4
la galaxy evs
limerick 8/15
iceland u21 evs
stake 5
possible return 43.81

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god dame home united how many time will one team let ya down,a sure what do ya do. anybody got any views on italy beating n ireland .international today i love it COME ON IRELAND

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italy czech rep , bosnia bulgaria stake 10, sorry no odd in a bit of rush good lock to all on the way up to match COME ON IRELAND

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hi tonight im in for monaghan -2 9/5
czech rep - 2 evs

as acc 5.5/1
10 euro gets 55
very tempted by switzerland at 4/9
and spain at 4/11 anyway good luck to all

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go monaghan-2 they won 3 nil goal in the 90 min. could the unthinkable happen tommorrow and the czech rep -2 come though and i win a bet well i`m still in and ya can ask for no more,

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and what do i say the gambling gods have come to taut me again czech rep win 2- 0 i need - 2 .i will forge ahead ture in the believe that one day i will win

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ok so then fridays winning bet is
crusaders 1/3
b dortmund 8/11
shelbourne 1/7
stake 10
return around 25
let the good times roll

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well o well what do i say , shelbourne win 3 nil dortmund win 2 -1 crusaders playing bottom of the table team 4 -3 up in the 90 min lose 4-5 what crap luck u might say .but the twist to this tale is i was a bit busy this evening and had to pop in to a small local bookie. wrote down my bet could find no odds on crusaders so i switched and stuck down waterford unt who lo and behold won 2-0 . so at last a winning bet . so here is the question i know that afertiming is frowned upon, so do i log this as a winner or loser . my head says loser, my heart says winner. anyway good luck to all all opions welcome

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No harm logging it as a winner IMO, as long as it doesn't happen too often.

Best of luck in future dude.

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thanks bud its great to break the duct. yessssssssssssssss. anyway enough of that top log yourself legend

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11 bets
10 losses
1 win
total stake 87.5
total winnings 31.10
balance -56.40

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duisburg-1 16/5 15euro stake
come on

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rossit said:
duisburg-1 16/5 15euro stake
come on

1 up. Good start. Best of luck

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yeah baby thats what im talking about keep it going now bury.

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