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Ah, i dont think a player should really be judged to much by how long they've played the game.
I was crap before i played online and got my ass handed to me (numerous times!!!).
This spurred me on to try to improve my play.

I'm definitely up for it. (provided buses are running OFC!)

Would you mind telling me whom i should contact?

mantys Registered User


Your top priority is triademan. He will probably organize another tournament soon. Just send him a PM.

If you don't want to wait for the tournament, maybe we can meet at XGC in Dublin and play for longer time (so you just don't pay the bus fare to play 5 games of Tekken and then head back), if any of the guys are interested, they should post here.

BTW, I lost all my phone numbers just yesterday so I have no other contact with the community.

On TZ there are some guys saying that they would be interested in coming here and playing, or even participating in a tournament.

nani Registered User

I`m the guy who`s mentioned by mantis on TZ.

Defintetly - just a small tournament of 10+ people would be a very interesting stage to start from.
Even sparring matches would be nice - just to see the levels of play we are at. Maybe it turns out its too early for us to be on a tournament. I myself would be interested in sparring, but I am not to sure about my friends. Theyd probably would like to see a tournament first!

Anyways - let us know whups up! We are in situated in South tipp. Cahir.
So if any players are close here - let us know and we could organize something!!!

mantys Registered User

I think we could meet up in Dublin. It seems that triademan is either busy or in France. I don't have phone numbers of players so I can't be sure.
If anyone wants to organize something, they should post here.

nani Registered User

Like I said if there are any players say starting from 3 (including mantys) it would be worth coming down to Dublin for a sparing session - a day full of Tekken. And provided we would have a place to play.
As mentioned above (day full of tekken) it would have to be like at least some 3+ hours as its about 2+ hours for us gettin to Dublin, so that its worth coming.

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Doctor DooM Moderator

Just meet up in the XGC on Liffey St. It's where the blaz blue and the Street Fighter players already meet.

nani Registered User

Are there any particular times you meet up there?

If there are any vids of ya guys playin it would be nice seeing theme (some links), so we could determine what we are in for.
BTW - I saw some footage from belfast tournament, but there werent a lot of vids...

mantys Registered User

I saw the videos as well. Actually there is plenty of them. And let me say they are ****!
The only player worth playing against is Simon. He knows the game. The other players are like me... seriously. Or even worse than me and that is something!!!

We should leave the meet up to January probably, as Christmas is coming and all that...
And nobody replied, so...

There are no videos of the good players playing T6, there are some videos of them playing T5DR, so check it out. Search for Tekken Ireland on youtube.

Doctor DooM Moderator

To be fair,i'm not a tekken player at all. Give me the opportunity to record some high level Irish tekken tournament play and I'll do my best to record it.

I've actually got some stuff on my hd but there's some sync problems and I have no idea who's playing.

batman_oh Registered User

Just organise a meet up at xgc and ill be there!

Dreddybajs Registered User

Lads, one of you who plays Tekken has to actually step up and organise something, it's not just going to magically materialise from ye saying "I hope someone organises a meetup".

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Scavenger XIII Registered User

There are no meetups for the same reason there are no match vids for the same reason there aren't many good players.

Tekken is dead.

Nobody plays it.

The field at CXC was a mighty three entrants when signups were meant to close and a handful of us threw in just to make up numbers.

Doctor DooM Moderator

Scavenger XIII said:
There are no meetups for the same reason there are no match vids for the same reason there aren't many good players.

Tekken is dead.

Nobody plays it.

The field at CXC was a mighty three entrants when signups were meant to close and a handful of us threw in just to make up numbers.

No it isn't. Well at least I don't think so.

No one makes a concerted effort. I would bet there's is considerably MORE casual Tekken players than SF in Ireland. I certainly see more interest in it in casually at the cons than SF. 1 tournament gets organised and because only a few people show up another doesn't happen for months.

Blaz Blue was effectively dead in the Republic til about 4 months ago when Chuey (a.k.a Joe) and Voa did the ground work. Wheel of Hype is trundling on now.

The Tekken players need to man up and keep running tournaments and casuals on a regular basis or it's never, ever going to happen. Yeah only 5 or 6 people might show up this time. But next time 6 or 7 might.

I talked to Triademan and he agreed but he seems to have vanished again.

Lads, pick a weekend, go in to XGC and play your casuals and start from there. But if you don't make it happen it won't happen.

Scavenger XIII Registered User

OK that was a bit of an exaggeration but the point is there.

I suppose the somewhat elitist undertones cropping up around the thread irk me because expecting high level Irish Tekken is kinda like going to a Star Trek convention for the break-danceoff.

mantys Registered User


OK. I'm willing to organise a meet up this Saturday, 18th December. By "organise" I mean to actually show up.
Whatever time suits you guys. I will bring one copy of the game, two PS3 controllers, that's it.

Just to let you guys know. XGC is an internet cafe where they have PS3 consoles and XBOX360 consoles to play on. The fee is 2.5 per hour per person. If you want a controller you have to pay 20 euro deposit for it, so bring your own if you can and copies of the game.
The cafe is a short walk from O'Connell Street, on 30/31 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1.


Any questions, post here. Post a time you'll be there so ... we won't miss each other and stuff.

P.S. Oh, and the videos from Belfast have very good quality, the players don't. (not Simon)

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