Macker91 Registered User

Looking to book a weekend away. I usually use or but they dont have the hotel i want available. Travel have the hotel and it is more than half the price of actually booking direct with the Hotel. Has anyone ever used these and if you have has anyone had any problems


gerire Registered User

have just booked with them for a week next week in malta.

If there is anything negative ill let you know; but i went with them for the price too

closifer Registered User

They are great. I have booked with them a lot. Along with alpharoom and they are the cheapest on the web I think. Also, they are bonded.

Macker91 Registered User

great thanks a million for the replies will go with them so

carrick76 Registered User

just back from greece and used them to book hotels in two locations, was cheaper than other sites and everything went perfectly

Macker91 Registered User

Great good to know - booked hotel with them yesterday for October

robbie1977 Registered User

I am thinking of booking a hotel for march with this crowd.

Anyone else have any experiences recently with them.

Macker91 Registered User

Booked long weekend with them in October - had absolutely no problems at all - would definately recommend going with them as they are cheaper and I will certainly use them again in the future.

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uli84 Registered User

same here, no problems at all, booked hotel in Spain with them last August

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