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I contacted you on the 15th as an ex BT customer now transfered to vodafone since Feb 2010, on a 3Mb package. I was on this with BT & getting between 1.3 to 1.7mb's Download .20mbs upload. Ping 54ms.

I asked you if my line had been "Enhanced" as my stats had not improved even though according to the vodafone website my exchange had been upgraded months ago. I also asked you what speed can my line take & what was it set at.

You replied telling me the migration was "actually due to complete on your number today" You told me my line was non-standard (???) & the max it could take was 2mb & it was set at 2mb.

When I checked my stats after reading your PM I was now getting .88mbs down .10mbs up, ping 115ms. When I pointed this out to you your response was "The line will indeed take a little while to settle down, so if you'd like to PM me on, say, Monday, we can check the line stats and adjust if needed."

Being no change over the weekend I PM'd you Monday. You informed me that:-
"The line has been set at 1mb download after the migration completed.
It looks like there's a physical issue on the line itself that's bringing the speed down.
As you're only with us for the broadband component, and your voice service is with another provider, we can't test the line itself to see what this issue is or log the relevant fault.
If you contact your voice service provider, and request a test of the line (ask them to perform a "test line characteristics" request, rather than a standard "test telephone line" one, they should know what this is), the fault can then be investigated by an engineer"

I replied pointing out to you there was no issue obtaining 1.7mb/s on the line before the migration & that blaiming a third party did not sit well with me.

I have contacted Eircom & they tested my line & told me it is "perfect" No faults. I PM'd you but I'm getting no response from you now.

I had been with IOL & BT for years. Never any problems that couldn't be easily resolved with a modem reboot or replacing a micro filter.

It's unacceptable that Vodafone can tell customers they are going to get "enhanced" broadband when they are actually decreasing customers speeds and then fobbing us off with "your line can only take....." or blaiming third parties. I've read the vodafone forums and on here, there are many vodafone customers experiencing the same.

Anyway I won't beg vodafone to fix this, I am voting with my feet and moving to an ISP who can actually provide broadband.

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Hi NetNinja,

Darrens currently offline, could you send me on your landline number and I'll work with the relevant team to make sure your line is on the optimum profile,


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PM sent.

NetNinja Registered User

Vodafone "enhanced" Broadband.

Vodafone: Darren Verified representative

I've replied back to your PM there with some further info.

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Hi Darren I have a query about my bill. I have just upgraded a couple of weeks ago and just got my first bill in and apparently I have used 3 hours over my 600 mins I have in my deal. I don't think this is possible as all the time I have been with yourselves I use on average 350 mins and I have been with you for nearly 2 years. I did speak to customer care and I was only supposed to be charged £38 and pence instead of £81 as they put a credit on my account. I've tried contacting them but I'm getting no further forward. I would appreciate it I you could look into this matter for me.
Many thanks

Vodafone: Darren Verified representative

I've just dropped over a reply to your other post on this - however, from the above, I just need to clarify, are you a UK customer, as you mention GBP amounts?
If so, my counterparts over here should be able to help.


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