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Hey all
do ye know of any good gynae in limerick/galway? New to Ireland and would be very grateful if could recommend one thats good. Thanks loads.

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Hi there,

I posted this for someone else recently. It depends on what you need a gynae for but if it's for fertility issues, Dr Phil Boyle in the Galway Clinic is a miracle worker. It can be a lengthy process but worth it in the end.
Or if you just need someone to "have a look at you" I can highly recommend Dr John Monaghan in Ballinasloe - he is a wonderful man.

On this note, my friend was with Dr. Geraldine Gaffney in her private rooms and hated her. She said she was very abrupt and just rushed her out the door, dismissing her worries each time she saw her (3 times).

Best of luck with it all.

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Hey OP
I have been referred to Dr. Kevin Hickey in Limerick - I have heard great reports about him from lots of people so fingers crossed - will be seeing him in a few weeks

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Hi Cinderella, I've been to Doctor Hickey twice. He's a very nice man. Did a short internal examination of me which I was really worried about but it was fine. Wasn't that mortifying! Referred me for a HSG in the regional and finally clomid. I'm going to CFC to get things moving.

The secretary there is not nice in my experience. I hated waiting in the waiting room too but the gynie himself is lovely. First time I went they were running late and there was a mad queue so be prepared if this happens. Best of luck with it.

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Hey unichick thanks for that
has the process cost you much I know there is consultation fee but for bloods etc
Also what is CFC

how long have you been tcc, on clomid and seeing Dr. Hickey

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Hi Cinderella, we've been ttc'ing about 18 months. CFC is Cork Fertility Centre. Want to get more tests done.

Initial consultation was €150 I think and then HSG was €150. 2nd consultation was €100. Quinn at least cover half but it all adds up. I've had two appointments with him so I'd say my first was about June.

There's a great website www.realweddings.ie that has an excellent ttc section. The girls are great there and very knowledgable too.

I'm on my 3rd month of clomid and got a prescription for 6 months. I think the maximum they'll prescribe is about 8 months while you wait to be referred to a fertility clinic. That was the next step for me anyway at the end of clomid according to Dr Hickey. Hope this helps. Best of luck with the appointment.

Oh blood tests were free with my gp as I was referred.

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