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I am being made redundant on Sept 30th. I'm leaving the country for 3 (and a bit) months on Oct 4th till Jan 12th.

I want to claim my tax back, however as seen via the link below, I've to wait a minimum of 4 weeks from the date I become unemployed to send off the form. I won't be in the country in 4 weeks.


Revenue.ie also says "Claims for refunds must be made within 4 years of the end of the year to which the claim relates", however, looking at the P50 form there is no place to state that you are claiming for a previous year.

Basically I'm wondering if i can wait until Jan 2011 to make my claim??


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That 4 week period is more or less to cut down on admin work in the instance that someone may actually find a new job within 4 weeks or receives dole.

You could still send P50 & P45 to your local tax office but include a note explaining why you are sending it in early and you are leaving the country till Jan 11. Either way you won't have tax back before you leave.

If you wait till Jan 2011, don't use a P50, you should request a balancing statement (P21) from your local tax office - your refund should automatically be refunded to you then.

Hope this helps

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The four week period is so that you will have a build up of credits and be entitled to the refund. When you make your first claim you are then to submit a form every four weeks until the end of the year to receive the remainder of a refund that is due back to you. This form is sent to you in the post by revenue. You have to sign and date it and send it back.

Give them a ring and they will explain this to you.

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