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Hey, I posted this on another thread but rather than go to all of them I thought I'd make my own. Here's what I posted:
What's up?

I currently have a record shop in Georges St. Arcade called Trout Records. I am expanding in October and one of the things I will be offering are games. Some of you might remember me as I posted here a few months ago after shopping at Talbot St. and realized that the dude wanted €17 for Sabrina the Teenage Witch for PS1. Anyway, I've been stockpiling boxed consoles and games for most mainstream post-Atari systems.

The location is the shop at 16b Fade St. (formerly Road Records). In addition to the games I will be selling turntables & separates, records, Cd's and music from local bands, art, tshirts and possibly books.

The basement floor is quite large and will provide people with the opportunity to try out any console or game that they may be interested in. I'm really in to the idea of having mini instore tournaments as well. Anyway, it's all going ahead and aimed for October 14th. If you're in Dublin 2 you'll probably see advertisements going up in the next couple weeks.

If you guys have any input or ideas that you'd like to see in a retro shop let me know and I'll see what I can do.

One thing I can guarantee is that it'll be a nice place to come in to and the prices are going to be very reasonable.

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Fair play and best of luck.
Looking forward to dropping in.

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Swwweeeet. Good luck to you,I'll definitely pop in the next time I'm up in Dublin.

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Just as I was beginning to save money....a retro game store opens.

Good luck man, looking forward to checking it out!

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I'll definitely be checking it out.

Best of luck with it all!

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