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I wanted to dye my hair a really bright colour... I'm leaning towards orange or purple...

I've had my hair a kind of gingery-orange colour before... I've naturally black hair, so it was bleached, dyed a light copper colour, and covered with majicontrast and crazy colour...

I was hoping to get it a little brighter this time, so I'm looking for something to put on right over bleached hair... I know I'll only get a semi or something... I don't mind it fading... And crazy colour doesn't have the exact colour I want...

Sooo I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get Manic Panic hair dye, or Special Effects hair dye somewhere in Dublin... I know you can order it online, but I'd rather just be able to get it here somewhere as I'm probably gonna be buying it quite often

TL; DR anyone know where to get Manic Panic/Special Effects or something equivalent in Dublin???

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If you don't like Crazy Colour there's Jeans Colour, Fudge Paintbox, Stargazer and La Riche Directions. You can get Jeans Colour and Fudge in Terrisales and the other two are available in Asha in Stephen's Green.

Jeans Colour used to do a violet but they've apparently discontinued the shade . So afaik they only have pinks and reds now. Fudge do a wider range of colours.

I have the same problem with colour coming out really dark and subtle, nothing like the vibrant pictures, the secret to getting the colour vibrant and light is toner. Mix your chosen shade with the toner before applying it to your bleached hair. I recommend Fudge Whiter Shade of Pale.

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I've never seen SFX or MP dyes for sale in Ireland.

I know you said you didn't want to order online, but I thoroughly recommend http://www.beeunique.co.uk... just in case!

Crazy Colour is the best dye of the lot I've used - if they don't have your exact colour, you can always mix two or three shades to make the colour you want!

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Yeah I was planning on using a toner anywhoo.. I think imma go with directions... they seem to have a good choice of colours...

I've used Jeans colour before... the purple one... Again, it wasn't as bright as I'd hoped, whereas I wasn't too disappointed at how the crazy colour turned out...

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