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There used to be a thread about this a few years ago but I'm buggered if I'm going to go routing for it.

Step 1) Go to Google..
Step 2) Search for any of the terms below.
Step 3) profit...

Some of the cameras you can control, move around, zoom ect..
Others are just static.

Google these

intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” | inurl:view/view.shtml^
inurl:axis-cgi/mjpg (motion-JPEG)
intitle:”live view” intitle:axis
allintitle:”Network Camera NetworkCamera”
intitle:axis intitle:”video server”
intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
intitle:”EvoCam” inurl:”webcam.html”
intitle:”Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed”
intitle:”Live View / – AXIS”
intitle:”Live View / – AXIS 206M”
intitle:”Live View / – AXIS 206W”
intitle:”Live View / – AXIS 210″
inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis
intitle:start inurl:cgistart
intitle:”WJ-NT104 Main Page”
intext:”MOBOTIX M1″ intext:”Open Menu”
intext:”MOBOTIX M10″ intext:”Open Menu”
intext:”MOBOTIX D10″ intext:”Open Menu”
intitle:snc-z20 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-cs3 inurl:home/
intitle:snc-rz30 inurl:home/
intitle:”sony network camera snc-p1″
intitle:”sony network camera snc-m1″
site:.viewnetcam.com -www.viewnetcam.com
intitle:”Toshiba Network Camera” user login
intitle:”netcam live image”
intitle:”i-Catcher Console – Web Monitor”

Post any good ones that you find..
I'm still on the search for the ever illusive cheerleader locker room camera.

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Controllable one at Ski resort or something-->

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My name is URL Registered User

ha.. I remember one of these from a few years ago where there was an open network printer in an office somewhere in the US as well as a controllabe camera.. spent hours one day printing stuff out and following them around the room with the camera..

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Here's a NYC street one:


If you watch other people controlling the camera they invariably zoom in on chicks to check them out.

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** Leaves voyeur thread, but then decides to stay and watch **

leddpipe Registered User

AnonoBoy said:
Here's a NYC street one:


If you watch other people controlling the camera they invariably zoom in on chicks to check them out.

best one yet!very clear and responsive!

My name is URL Registered User

AnonoBoy said:
Here's a NYC street one:


If you watch other people controlling the camera they invariably zoom in on chicks to check them out.

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go now theirs a guy on the deck !

Mc Love Registered User

A gift shop from Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery:


Followed a couple around the shop - funny

Sulmac Registered User

An uncontrollable one of O'Connell Bridge in Dublin:

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

inurl:dyndns.org inurl:index.shtml
inurl:dyndns.org Axis|Mobotix
intitle:"Linksys Web Camera" "ver"
"Kamerainformationen anzeigen"
inintitle:"supervisioncam protocol"
title:flexwatch intext:"Copyright by Seyeon TECH Co"
intitle:”Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed”
inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet
"Powered by webcamXP"
-inurl:htm -inurl:html inurl:ViewerFrame
-inurl:htm -inurl:html inurl:webcam.php
camera linksys inurl:main.cgi
Corp. camera
inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet
"Powered by webcamXP"
intext:"Copyright by Seyeon TECHCo"
intitle:"WJ-NT104 Main"
intitle:"WJ-NT104 Main Page"
"Webthru User Login"
"Please enter username and password to log in to system"
Configuration "Pop-up Live Image"
intitle:Live Video
"live view"
allintitle:Network Camera NetworkCamera
intitle:video server
intitle:"supervisioncam protocol"
intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
intitle:"EvoCam" inurl:"webcam.html"
intitle:"Live NetSnap Cam-Server feed"
intitle:start inurl:cgistart
intitle:"netcam live image"
intitle:"i-Catcher Console - Web Monitor"
site:.viewnetcam.com -www.viewnetcam.com
[url=http://www.webcamvue.com/s.asp?s=333&search=V.Networks%20[Motion%20Picture%28Java]"V.Networks [Motion Picture(Java"

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Here's a good site that has some: http://www.opentopia.com/hiddencam.php?seewhat=newest&country=&showmode=standard&screen=1

Its organised by country, has mostly static cameras but some interesting ones all the same.

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I came across all sorts of ones years ago, the best one was a camera in a sex shop in America. Just sitting there watching a black woman buy the most gigantic purple dildo.

Also on another forum a guy's webcam was picked up and it became like The Truman Show for a few months watching this guy sit on his laptop eating and picking his nose. People would post up pictures of odd faces and things he'd be doing through out his day.

He eventually discovered us but was pretty cheerful and told us his name

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