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So the gearbox in my MINI cooper has gone for the second time in a year. Last summer I got the gearbox completely refurbished and got a 12 month warranty. It's only a few weeks out of warranty but the garage dont want to know about it.

Looking around on the net I found a good few people have fitted a 6 speed box form the S. The 6 speed is ment to be much stronger but ive rang a few breakers and none seems to have one. I know a good few parts have to be changed such as starter motor gear linkage driveshafts flywheel etc..

my question is should i fit the 6 speed or get the box fixed again..


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Going to the 6 speed can be done, but it's a bit of a job. Plus, if you have cruise control, it will be disabled by going to the 6 speed box. If you want to get a proper MINI specialist to do either the 5 speed, or the 6 speed, PM me, I've a guy in Cork who's done loads.

jame5_b Registered User

Thanks for the reply.
no the car doesnt have the cruise control.
have you heard good reviews from the 6 speed conversion. im guessing the 6 speed would be a good bit more money to do. just wondering if its worth it.


If it were me I'd just repair the current gearbox, and then spend my money upgrading to the S.

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