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Could someone please recommend a good furniture restoration or upholstery course. All the courses that I've come accross seem to be in the west of Ireland and as I'm based in Wexford thats no use. I don't mind travelling to Dublin/Waterford/Carlow/Kilkenny. If someone has done a good course I'd love to hear about is.



mbolger2001 Registered User

Hi Winster,
Did you find a course nearby in the end? I am having the same difficulty now.


tj123 Registered User

hoping to start an upholstery courses in Waterford in the next month - was wondering if anyone else was doing it

fionn78 Registered User

Hi tj123, Im living in Waterford and interested in doing an upholstery course, could you tell me where and when the course is on? Ive been searching the internet for courses around the south east area but they seem to mostly be held in the west of Irl.


winster Registered User


I would also be interested in this course so would love more info about it.



spatch1 Registered User

hey i recently did a course in gorey community school in furniture restoration. it was tip top the guy teaching was A1 and actually qualified and working full time in restoration. he helped us source tools materials the whole lot from start to finish even now pop him an email he will help u out.

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tj123 said:
hoping to start an upholstery courses in Waterford in the next month - was wondering if anyone else was doing it

I have been searching for a course but no joy, could you tell me where you are doing yours?

tj123 Registered User

Hi guys
sorry I didn't get back sooner - the details changed but finally the courses are going ahead - there are 2 courses being run in the waterford college of further education - mon and tue nights - one is in traditional upholstery and you bring your own furniture to upholster and the tue one is a course in making a headboard - everything is provided except the fabric so theoy should be fun - also if anyone is interested there will be courses starting for a qualification in upholstery also in waterford, where you can work through the 3 certs to become a junior upholsterer
I'll let you know about the details when I find out
Hope this is helpful

Anarco Registered User

Hi there. who is giving the courses and how much do they cost? thanks

tj123 Registered User

The courses are being run by the Waterford College of Further education, Parnell St., and are given by M&T Upholstery. The courses cost 165euro and you can register online at

Lydsmcgov Registered User

Have registered for the Traditional Upholstery course due to start in CTI next week but course may not be going ahead as only 5 people have registered. Last day for applying is today

Mr. Mojo Risin Registered User

Hi, anyone know of a decent restoration course in Dublin? Would aim to start one in September if possible.
Has anyone taken a course in Dublin (Kildare would suit either) and if so would they recommend it?


gfoxyfox Registered User

Hi just wondered if anybody knew of an upholstery course running in Dublin. Just bought an old chair and want to do it up. Does anyone know of any good material shop which sell good fabric for upholstering my chair thanks Geraldine

almostbroke Registered User


theres a 6 week course run by Busy Bees Recycling on Crumlin Road....starting in September and held on Saturdays, costs €100.00....they're in the process of moving premises, so I'm not sure where it will end up being run. They also do a 6 week part time course in soft furnishings.

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Hi ....
Looking to do an upcycling / upholstery course -part-time or evening time. Anyone any suggestions please

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